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Press Release  |  Dec 1, 2004

MB-series DLP projectors offer high brightness for optimal performance

MAHWAH, NJ, December 1, 2004 -- Sharp announced the availability of compact, powerful Notevision® MB series DLP™ projectors, which combine high brightness and exceptional performance in a lightweight, mobile unit. Ideal for any business, these projectors feature DDR* DLP technology for better picture quality, sealed optics for reduced maintenance, extensive connectivity and brightness up to 3000 ANSI lumens.

"The Notevision MB series offers features like ease-of-use, unmatched compatibility and theft deterrence that are important to users in educational and collaborative work environments," said Bruce Pollack, Associate Director of Marketing, Sharp Information Systems Group. "The new projectors incorporate DLP technology because it is the best solution for exceptional performance, high brightness and robust contrast in a compact size."

These projectors are extremely portable for business use anywhere. Weighing approximately nine pounds, the projectors can be easily moved from classroom to lecture hall or boardroom to meeting room.

High Brightness and Low Cost of Ownership
The new mid-range projector series allows users to select the brightness level that meets their needs, with settings ranging from 3000 (XG-MB70X) to 2500 (PG-MB60X) ANSI lumens. Sharp also delivers a low cost of ownership over the projector's lifespan with Low Power Mode, which conserves lamp life, ideal for rooms with minimal lighting or without windows. Low Power Mode extends the lamp life to 3,000 hours, and significantly reduces fan noise and power consumption for quiet, economical projector operation.

Remote Access and Control Software
Sharp's Display Manager Software allows one or more LAN-enabled projectors to be connected to a PC for remote control and diagnostics, such as locating and self-diagnosing system errors. It can instantly send an alert to the control PC, forward an error message to a predetermined e-mail list, expedite necessary maintenance and minimize downtime. A built-in RJ-45 LAN connection in the XG-MB70X allows for remote control, diagnostics and asset management over a Local Area Network, including the ability to monitor lamp life and anticipate bulb replacement. The PG-MB60X has optional LAN connectivity through the AN-LS1 accessory. The XG-MB70X also has a built-in Web server that allows direct control and access without needing special software.

Advanced Feature Set for Ease-of-Use
The projector series includes a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) menu screen that makes it easier for users to precisely set up the projected picture for a flawless presentation. The on-screen interactive help and easy system integration with multiple connectivity options ensure simple setup and operation. Computer connectors are color-coded for simple set-up when connecting the projector to a PC, Mac or Workstation. The series has native XGA (1024x768) resolution, making it compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM and DTV/HDTV video signals.

Both projectors come equipped with a 1.5X power zoom and focus, with auto focus included on the XG-MB70X.

Availability and Pricing:
The PG-MB60X is available for a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $4,295.
The XG-MB70X is available at an MSRP of $4,995.

*DDR (Dual Data Rate) Technology is the semiconductor chip developed by Texas Instruments, which improves the projector's contrast ratio through microscopic mirrors that recreate a video or graphic source by reflecting or not reflecting light onto a projection surface.
DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments.