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The New SANYO PLV-Z3 Allows Home Entertainment to "Get Real"

Press Release  |  Jan 4, 2005
LAS VEGAS, JANUARY 4, 2005, CES, Booth #9834 – Home Entertainment enthusiasts can have the home projector with future technology today. The SANYO home entertainment LCD projector, PLV-Z3 is setting new standards. With its well-coordinated motorized iris and automatic lamp control, the PLV-Z3 ensures that brightness is adjusted to match the current image content. As a result, the PLV-Z3 always renders images with an impressive contrast ratio, 2000:1. In addition to this list of features, 10-bit true image processing has been used in this category of projector for the first time ever. Compared with the 8-bit technology that has been used to date, this offers four times more grayscales (1,024 instead of 256) and can display more than one billion colors compared with the 16.6 million previously used. In practice, this means that the projector can display more finely detailed images and a significantly higher color depth thanks to the display of a considerably greater number of intermediary colors and shades.

The integration of these three functions motorized iris, automatic lamp control and 10-bit image processing – is grouped by SANYO under the TOPAZreal (TOtal image Processing for Advanced Z-series) concept and sets new standards for quality in home theater.

The PLV-Z3's short throw lens can make a realistic 100-inch image on a screen with the projector placed less than 10 feet away. In addition, two small mechanically-connected thumb wheels on the front of the projector enable accurate optical keystone adjustment. The PLV-Z3's optical, digital keystone, zoom and aspect ratio adjustments allow one to fit a wide variety of screens and rooms.

Along with all of Sanyo's optical technology, the projector contains a new "React Image Mode" circuitry so the projector's lamp output is adjusted automatically to optimize contrast and further reduce video noise. Since the PLV-Z3 is a Home Entertainment projector, it has been designed for more than just wide screen DVD movies. In addition to having two separate 3-RCA component video inputs along with S-Video and composite inputs, the PLV-Z3 has a complete analog computer input through a D-Sub 15 connector. All of the inputs, including a digital HDMI connector, allow just about any kind of digital device, HDTV tuner, PC or game to also use the PLV-Z3 as a super large screen display device. The PLV-Z3 projector is available now at a list price of $ 2,495.00.

Based in Chatsworth, CA. SANYO Fisher Company is a leading marketer of high-quality multimedia, consumer audio and video, communications, security video, office automation, air conditioning and home appliance products. (The Presentation Technologies Division, through its parent company in Japan, is one of the world's largest producers of LCD projectors and digital cameras.) The company is a division of SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan), one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers.

For more information on SANYO's complete line of LCD projectors, please call 888.495.3452 or visit