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Press Release  |  Jan 8, 2005

The New, Flagship Signature Cinema System Debuts at CES 2005, Designed to Express a New Level of Personalized Luxury in Home Entertainment

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — January 8, 2005 — Runco International, the world leader in high-end home theater video display technology, pushes the luxury envelope once again with the introduction of the Signature Cinema SC-1. This revolutionary, high definition flagship projector with forward-thinking engineering, aims not only to redefine the technology boundaries of home theater, but also to provide elite consumers with a totally customized ownership experience. Utilizing a unique, sophisticated video processing system, the Signature Cinema SC-1 crosses a threshold, duplicating the characteristics of film in this fixed-pixel digital cinema projector with unprecedented accuracy and faithfulness, well beyond anything previously achieved.

"It is so common to hear hype about this or that product being the cream of the crop, that it all begins to sound the same. Personally, I feel that when we have really achieved the best, the product will speak for itself," said Sam Runco, founder and CEO of Runco International, Inc. "That was the dream behind the Signature Cinema SC-1. It's the best that Runco has ever offered, and truly our crown jewel, custom crafted for those elite few who want the very best that money can buy, and have budgeted accordingly. Its film-like quality and overall performance is simply stunning. There is nothing else in the world like it, period!"

"The ownership experience behind the Signature Cinema SC-1 is of huge importance in our overall approach," said Bob Hana, president of Runco International. "When consumers select a Signature Cinema projector as the centerpiece of their home cinema, they are inviting us to become part of their lifestyle. The Runco Signature ownership package that will accompany each flagship unit will assure our clients that they belong to an exclusive family, one that treasures the opportunity to be able to enhance their family experience. That's really what this product is all about; delivering the most refined digital cinema experience for the home."

Clearly the flagship unit of a long line of illustrious Runco projectors, the Signature Cinema SC-1 achieves its excellent picture quality through specialized circuits that implement Runco's exclusive Signature CineStep Process – pre-processing, decoding and optimizing film-originated signals; enhancing the dynamic range for maximum black level; contrast and detail reproduction without increasing noise levels; and post-processing that eliminates undesirable RGB characteristics associated with digital projection. Since film is not an RGB medium, this process assures a film-like image.

With lens choice and anamorphic options, the Signature Cinema SC-1 can be tailored for use in any home, or virtually any electronic cinema environment. Its tremendous light output is suitable for screens as large as 500 inches wide, while its versatility and variable light output control system provides the opportunity for the first time to use a product of this caliber with modest size screens, as well. The system's controller outputs signals that are matched pixel-for-pixel with the native projector resolution, eliminating any video artifacts while faithfully processing input signals.

About Runco International, Inc.
Founded in 1987 and currently headquartered in Union City, California, Runco International, Inc is a market leader in state-of-the-art projection systems, flat-panel plasma monitors, video processors and other components for the consumer market. Runco's innovations have won numerous awards and citations from the world press. Runco was the first company to introduce and market a line doubler with a multi-frequency projector in 1990 and also introduced the first multiple-aspect-ratio controller, the ARC-IV, to the Home Theater market. Recently, both of these features have become essential for the new digital high definition capable televisions. For more information on Runco International, Inc. visit the web at