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SIM2 brings E-VOLUTION to the 3-chip world

Press Release  |  Jan 6, 2005
CES 2005 (Hilton suite 2910), Las Vegas, USA – 6 January, 2005 -- SIM2 Multimedia, the leading manufacturer of home theater projectors, announces through its sister company SIM2 USA Inc. a new revolutionary addition to the renowned line DLP™ front and rear projectors: the HT500 E-LINK and HT500 E.

Featuring SIM2 LCM and Gamma control software and HD2+ DMD chip by Texas Instruments, the HT500 E-VOLUTION projectors deliver a resolution of 1280x720 for a flawless home theater excellence and the following array of upgraded features:

HD2+ DarkChip2™ by Texas Instruments - The HT500 E-LINK and HT500 E projectors are the first 3-chip on the market to feature the HD2+ DarkChip2™ by Texas Instruments (HD2+ DC2). The DarkChip2™ incorporates smaller mirror hinges, reduced gaps between mirrors, a flatter, more reflective surface and a light absorbent coating for unmatched contrast and color uniformity.
Phenomenal Contrast Ratio - The DarkChip2™ coupled with improved software and SIM2 high quality optics allow the HT500 E-LINK and HT500 E to reach a true contrast ratio of >4300:1 thus delivering on screen the crispest, sharpest and truest color image.
SIM2 Live Colors Management (LCM) and Gamma functions - SIM2's engineers have given the HT500 E-LINK an ultra-sophisticated software design that's worthy of the most discerning home theater enthusiast. The LCM algorithm allow the precise adjustment of the color temperature to user preference, by choosing from the 36 predefined white points in CIE Chart. And, the Gamma Tables provide a wide range of possibilities to optimize image based on variations in the source material, ambient lighting, and individual preferences: 1 Standard curve for movies, 5 SIM2 Enhanced curves to fully exploit the advantages of DLP technology, 2 Graphics curves for PC and graphic sources, and a User adjustment with 16 parametric gamma curves (ranging from 1.5 to 3 with a 0.1 increment).
Intelligent Memory functions – 3 image memory settings for each input; that is 75 and 36 settings respectively.
Future proof inputs and advanced video processing - The E-volution projectors feature an impressive array of digital connections, including DVI HDMI™ inputs (on HT500 E, HDMI™ only). HDMI™ is a purely digital connection that transmit and s the uncompressed bitstream directly from the source through to the display - even high definition - and is backwards compatible with DVI. On board 2nd generation DCDi™ Video Processing
The DigiOptic™ Image Processor (HT300 E-LINK only) - The HT500 E-LINK features all the properties of the HT500 E plus SIM2's DigiOptic™ Image Processor, the remote unit equipped with a wide choice of inputs and linked to the projector through a thin digital fiber optic cable (0,14" diameter - 3,5mm). This means incredible flexibility with the installation, greatly reducing the need for numerous long cable runs to the projector.
5 lens options available- For ease of installation, the projector sports the supreme flexibility of five different lens options, making it possible to project a perfect 4.7 meter image from only 1.3 meter from the screen, up to 7.8 meter image from 28 meters.

The HT500 E-LINK and HT500 E also sport unparalleled features such as H/V electrical lens shift, digital keystone adjustment, absence of color wheel for an artifact-free image and many more.

Like the E's predecessor the HT500 LINK, was selected by the editors of CE Pro and the CEDIA Daily as one of the "Hot 50" products offered at CEDIA EXPO 2004, reviewed as one the most innovative product of 2004, in its new EVOLUTION version the HT500E-LINK and HT500E will be even more astonishing and hi-performing than ever!

The Grand Cinema Line
SIM2 projectors are designed and manufactured exclusively by SIM2 Multimedia specifically for home theater. The Grand Cinema Line of projectors is designed with a striking and elegant look, setting them apart from the competition. The SIM2 design meets the needs of home theater enthusiasts not only looking for cutting-edge technology, but style consistent with the decor of their home.

For more information, visit the SIM2 web site at or contact: USA only: Gregorio Nicoloso at Tel. +(954) 442 2999 or;

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