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Press Release  |  Feb 18, 2005

720P Home Entertainment Projector Delivers 4000:1 Contrast

KENNESAW, GA, (February 18, 2005) - Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced the addition of a new 720p single-chip DLP(tm) home entertainment display to its iVision series, the iVision HD-X.

The ultra-quiet and compact iVision HD-X delivers extraordinary and class-leading contrast of 4000:1 and up to 1,000 ANSI lumens through Texas Instruments' new DarkChip3(tm) DMD. The native 16 x 9 aspect ratio projector is equipped with a standard 1.75-2.25:1 zoom lens, but the versatile display can also be outfitted with either a 1.0:1 fixed, wide-angle lens or a long-throw, 2.5-3.5:1 zoom lens.

Critical imaging benefits delivered by the iVision HD-X include ultra-deep black level with precise shadow detail. As with Digital Projection's iVision HD-7, the HD-X employs a seven-segment color wheel for high color saturation and precise color replication. Additionally, the projector has extensive source and networking capabilities, including HDCP-compliant DVI and LAN connectivity. The HD-X employs a low-cost, long-life UHP(tm) lamp system with user-adjustable lamp output, delivering 2000-4000 hours of entertainment before lamp replacement is required.

"The iVision HD-X is the ideal projector for consumers who desire a captivating home entertainment experience for less than $12K," said George Walter, home cinema marketing manager for Digital Projection, Inc. "The projector's imaging performance and functionality, relative to size and weight, is truly unmatched and awe-inspiring."

DPI's home entertainment single-chip DLP(tm) projector lineup includes two additional iVision models as well as the new dual-lamp, dual-color-wheel dVision HD-7 and dVision sx+. The single-chip iVision and dVision products complement DP's prestigious home cinema 3-chip DLP(tm) offerings, which include the performance-driven MERCURY HD series as well as DP's exclusive native 2K resolution Reference Displays, the 35HD R and the new 10000HD R.

The new iVision HD-X started shipping earlier this month.

(tm)Digital Light Processing and DLP are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments.
Emmy is a registered trademark of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.