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Lightspeed Design Announces New Stereoscopic 3D Projector

Press Release  |  Mar 31, 2005

InFocus(R) DepthQ(TM) Stereoscopic Projector Is the World's First Affordable, Portable 3D Video Solution

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightspeed Design Group, a worldwide leader in stereo 3D technology and services, today announced a new projector that delivers amazing stereo 3D at an equally amazing price. Lightspeed Design Group and InFocus Corporation have created a new class in 3D video projection, the InFocus(R) DepthQ(TM) Stereoscopic Projector.

The new InFocus DepthQ is truly the first of its kind. This affordable, portable 3D projector delivers rock-solid 120hz, DLP(TM)-quality stereo 3D for a fraction of the cost of other single-lens 3D projectors.

Whether in the office, laboratory, boardroom, or game room, the new DepthQ projector puts 3D visualization into the hands of the many, instead of a privileged few. All brought to you by InFocus, a name recognized and trusted worldwide for innovation and affordable quality in video technology. - Portable - At 6.8 pounds it fits under your arm and takes 10 minutes to set up.
- Quality - Flicker-free, 120hz 3D with DLP(TM) technology from Texas Instruments.

Product Design and Engineering: Stereoscopic 3D is the most effective way of communicating visual ideas. Companies worldwide recognize this fact and have spent millions equipping their design engineers with stereoscopic visualization. The new InFocus DepthQ projector finally makes stereo 3D an affordable tool for the line engineer and product designer, allowing real-time projection of stereo 3D CAD designs for collaborative product review. SolidWorks, a global leader in 3D CAD modeling software, now supports a stereoscopic 3D function, as do many other design platforms.

Sales and Marketing: DepthQ gives sales and marketing a unique 3D presentation option with lots of "WOW" built in. New product designs can be taken right from the engineers and incorporated into 3D presentations. DepthQ also supports standard 2D applications for video and PowerPoint.

Videogames and Movies: Imagine playing your PC games or watching movies in projected stereo 3D. With a growing list of games and movies available, the new InFocus DepthQ projector gives you a variety of options for video entertainment at home. The InFocus DepthQ projector also functions in standard 2D mode.

"We are pleased to provide Lightspeed with a 3D projector that enhances the DepthQ solution," said Scott Ballantyne, Chief Marketing Officer, InFocus Corporation. "Now more businesses and consumers will be able to take advantage of 3D projection with the InFocus DepthQ projector."

The InFocus DepthQ projector is now available for purchase exclusively through Lightspeed Design. For more information, please visit or call 206-784-1385.

About Lightspeed Design Group
Lightspeed is one of the world's premier designers of stereoscopic 3D presentations and software technologies, with considerable technical expertise in projection, optics and electronics. Our 2D and 3D film clients include Mercedes, U.S. Army, Continental Teves, and Procter & Gamble. Lightspeed's 3D technologies are being used by such image-conscious companies as IMAX Corporation and Disney Imagineering.

Lightspeed's headquarters is in Bellevue, Washington, USA. For more information, visit us at or contact the company directly at 425-637-2818. InFocus is a registered trademark of the InFocus Corporation. DepthQ is a registered trademark of Lightspeed Design Group. Digital Light Processing and DLP are trademarks of Texas Instruments.