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NEC Technologies Introduces New High-Resolution Ultra-Portable Projector

Press Release  |  Feb 5, 1999

Projector Supported by Industry’s First "Next Available Flight" Service Program – InstaCare Xpress

Bruce Eric Anderson
NEC Technologies, Inc.

Itasca, Ill., February 2, 1999 -- NEC Technologies, the industry’s only complete presentation solutions provider, today broadens its line-up of ultra-portable projectors with the introduction of the MultiSync® LT81 projector.

The company also announces InstaCare XpressSM, the first-ever "next available flight" service program that gives mobile presenters even greater peace-of-mind and a level of support that is unrivaled in the presentation technology marketplace.

NEC Technologies’ Visual Systems Division manufactures and markets every single type of presentation technology solution available today, allowing the company to match each customer’s needs with the appropriate presentation solution. The MultiSync LT81 continues this tradition for mobile sales professionals by offering a lightweight projector that is simple to use, offers extremely bright images and is backed by 24-hour-a-day service programs unmatched by any other competitor.

"Many of our competitors today are single-solution providers, meaning they have to make a single presentation technology work for a variety of applications," explains Michael Santiago, director of marketing for the Visual Systems Division. "Our customers have the confidence that we can examine their particular application needs and provide the appropriate presentation solution – whether it’s a DLP™-based ultra-portable projector, plasma display, direct-view CRT display, LCD-based projector or a variety of large-venue projection solutions. The MultiSync LT81 answers the specific needs of the mobile professional, providing the ideal combination of weight, brightness, features and the most comprehensive service programs available today. Add to that the lowest total cost of ownership of any ultra-portable projector available on the market and you have an even more compelling solution."

Designed with the specific needs of the mobile sale force in mind, the MultiSync LT81 projector offers images of 800 ANSI lumens while weighing in at less than 10 pounds. The projector will be priced at just $5,995 (Estimated Street Price) and will offer true SVGA resolution in a compact design (9.8" x 4.8" x 12.8"). The MultiSync LT81 is designed for easy set-up and is compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems. It also offers many of the other features found on NECTECH’s other portable projectors including a full-featured wireless remote control with built-in laser pointer, integrated handle, height adjustment and the most comprehensive service programs, InstaCare and InstaCare Xpress "next available flight" program.

InstaCare Xpress raises the bar on the level of service and support that today’s presentation professionals have come to expect from their presentation solutions providers. The program is simple for the end-user customer. With a single call, NEC handles all the air and ground logistics, meaning a new projector will be on the next flight to the customer’s location, and will then be brought directly to the customer.

Standard InstaCare service provides the user with the assurance of a replacement projector within 24 hours or 72-hour repair and return service in the event of malfunction – whether you’re on the road or down the hall. NEC Technologies pays for overnight delivery to and from the customer in both the U.S. and Canada. InstaCare was designed to meet the needs of mobile sales professionals who may be on a business trip and are unable to call for dealer support or do not have the time to call a dealer to set up a projector exchange.

Projector Provides High Quality Video

True multimedia presentations are commonplace in today’s business world making the need for a projector that provides high-quality video and audio a requirement. The MultiSync LT81 projector features an enhanced video package that addresses the need for sharp images and improved video quality from VCRs and even broadcast television. Using a new 3-line digital comb filter, the projector produces sharp video images, and a wide aspect mode to display wide screen videos with higher resolution than available from other projectors. The MultiSync LT81 can even be hooked up to component video sources for the best image quality available.

The MultiSync LT81 employs a new 280-watt metal halide DC lamp with a half-life of 1,000 hours and 24-bit color reproduction for 16.7 million colors. NECT’s proprietary AccuBlend™ intelligent pixel blending technology protects the end-user’s investment by expanding its compatibility with a wide range of computer resolutions. And with its built-in audio capabilities, the MultiSync LT81 is an ideal presentation solution for DVD players, VCRs and virtually any other video source. For international travelers, the MultiSync LT81 projector offers a universal power supply and accepts NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL and SECAM signals.

Leave Your Computer at The Office

Each of the projectors in NECT’s MultiSync LT and MT series lines features an optional, internal PC Card Viewer that allows the projector to become a self-contained presentation solution. Users can create presentations on their desktop or notebook computer and save it to PC Card. For sales force automation applications, the PC Card Viewer allows a corporate sales office to ensure that each member of a large sales force is presenting the same messages. The PC Card Viewer option can be installed by the end-user in just minutes and is priced at $399 ESP.

Training Is In The Box

While a comprehensive in-box, interactive training CD-ROM will assist end-users in getting up to speed quickly, it also enables corporate IT managers to free up precious training resources for more essential activities. If that’s not enough, NECT also provides technical assistance via the Internet, a quick-connect guide and a toll-free support line.

The MultiSync LT81 projector will begin shipping in January 1999. The projector is available through NEC’s nationwide network of audio/visual and computer resellers. For more information on the product, customers can call 800/NEC-INFO or contact FastFacts™, NEC’s automated facsimile information system, at 800/366-0476.

The new MultiSync LT81 is the latest addition to NECT’s complete line of portable and ultra-portable projectors. The broad line also includes the MultiSync LT100, an ultra-portable projector offering a 1,000 ANSI lumens with XGA resolution; the MultiSync MT series projectors (MT830, MT1030 and MT1035) offering image brightness of up to 1,300 ANSI lumens and wide range of input options for conference room applications.

Visual Systems Division

The Visual Systems Division of NEC Technologies is the only true "complete presentations solutions provider" in the industry today. The division has been recognized for more than 12 years as one of the industry’s leading providers of presentation display solutions, including award-winning MultiSync fixed-installation CRT projectors, portable LCD projectors, direct-view CRT presentation monitors, High Light Output projection systems, plasma display products (PDPs) and image-enhancing components.

NEC Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Itasca, Ill., NEC Technologies is a leading manufacturer of premium, imaging peripherals and other technology products for the North American market. Award-winning product lines include MultiSync* desktop and presentation monitors MultiSync portable LCD projectors and fixed installation CRT projectors, SuperScript* printers, and Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS). NEC Technologies, Inc. is an affiliate of NEC Corporation. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling 800/NEC-INFO or by visiting NEC Technologies’ Web site at