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Compaq Unveils World's Smallest Projector For the Road Warrior

Press Release  |  Jun 21, 1999

Slim, 4.2-pound Compaq MP1600 Projector is Easy-to-Stow and Easy-to-Tow

HOUSTON -- June 21, 1999 -- Building on its tradition of providing innovative tools for mobile professionals, Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ) today unveiled the Compaq MP1600, the world's smallest projector. Compaq's first entry into the growing portable projector market weighs in at a mere 4.2(1) pounds, creating a new product category within the projector segment--the microportable projector.

"Beginning with the first Compaq `luggable,' Compaq has maintained a track record of creating innovative PC-compatible devices that meet the needs of mobile professionals. The MP1600 is a natural extension of our product lines offering the total solution for the mobile small and medium business user or enterprise customer," said Ben Williams, Director, Displays and Peripherals Product Marketing, North America, Compaq Computer Corporation. "The Compaq MP1600 is the first microportable projector to fill the need for a device that is light and small, yet full-featured enough to deliver a powerful presentation."

"The projector market space is one of the fastest growing segments in the technology industry," said William Bohannon, chief scientist at Manx Reach, an industry research firm in California. "The Compaq MP1600 will dramatically accelerate this market growth by creating a new market segment - the microportable projector market. And, with 55 percent more portability(2) than its nearest competitor, it is truly a road warrior's dream."

Lightweight and Easy to Set-up Design

Designed for corporate travelers, such as marketing and sales executives, training specialists, professional presenters and consultants, the Compaq MP1600 is ideal for the professional who frequently conducts interactive meetings, small group presentations, electronic slide shows or software demonstrations. With easy-to-tow and easy-to-stow capabilities, the MP1600 is ready to present "out of the bag" at any time, for any type of meeting. The MP1600 can present in the most space-constrained areas and has a projection range from three feet up to 30 feet.

A full 3 pounds lighter than most competitors and the lightest product on the market, the Compaq MP1600 weighs only 4.2 pounds, has the lowest volume at 175 cubic inches and is eight inches tall, nine inches long and three inches wide at its widest point. Constructed of sturdy magnesium alloy material, which is 20 times stronger than plastic, the MP1600 is as durable as it is transportable.

While most projectors in the market feature a horizontal form factor, the MP1600 stands vertical and has a unique tower form factor - bringing the lens above the centerline of the presentation and reducing the keystoning(3) effect seen in many presentations when the projector has to be raised up off the table.

The MP1600 is uniquely designed with a stability "foot" to allow height adjustment while eliminating the risk of the unit tipping on its side. The safety foot swivels out from the front of the unit and tucks away neatly under the unit when finished. With the touch of a button, the spring-loaded elevation/stability foot locks into place, avoiding the hassle of turning knobs or stacking books underneath the projector.

Full Feature Set

The Compaq MP1600 features Digital Light Processing(TM) (DLP)(TM) technology from Texas Instruments, providing higher resolution and a brighter, sharper and higher contrast level than competitive Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) products. In addition to the DLP technology, the MP1600 includes a full-array of features designed to produce an easy-to-use device, including:

  • Easy to Adjust Buttons Five buttons on the side of the MP1600 allow for easy adjustment during presentations--an on/off button with standby feature, three buttons that adjust the MP1600's menu features and an autosync button. With a touch of the menu buttons, a user can digitally manipulate the screen color, contrast and keystoning or zoom into specific items on an image - ideal for architectural drawings or other intricate presentations. Because projectors are often shared devices, Compaq has designed a management feature that allows users to easily determine how much bulb life is left in the MP1600 projector. The projector will also notify the user with a warning signal when bulb life is low. Average lamp life is 1,500 hours of usage(4). In addition, the autosync button automatically chooses the best image settings for a user, and the stand-by button feature can be utilized for audience interaction, question and answer sessions or downtime, saving valuable bulb time.
  • Plug and Present The Compaq MP1600 "plug and present" projector makes presenting worry-free and eliminates embarrassing technical difficulties, which often intimidate a novice user. A state-of-the-art processor offers wide-ranging compatibility with nearly every Windows- and Macintosh-based PC. The chipset automatically adjusts necessary settings to fill the screen and ensure high image quality.

Top Quality Presentations

Today's customers require a lightweight, attractive projector to make a positive impression in a meeting, but the presentation primarily relies on the quality of the picture. A small but powerful projection tool, the Compaq microportable projector provides unprecedented picture quality based on brightness, uniformity, resolution, a seamless picture and contrast.

  • Brightness With 600 ANSI lumens, the Compaq MP1600 projector offers the industry's greatest number of lumens per pound(5). It is as powerful as tabletop projectors twice its size. With 600 lumens, the Compaq MP1600 allows users to present information in most types of lighting.
  • Uniformity Many projected images often seem brighter in the center and dull and darker around the edges and corners. To enhance the overall picture quality, the Compaq MP1600 projects a uniform picture across the entire screen image. While other projectors have an average of less than 50 percent uniformity, the MP1600 viewing image from corner to corner is greater than 90 percent uniformity.
  • Resolution With an XGA resolution capability (1024 x 768), the Compaq MP1600 employs a high-resolution setting to display more information per picture and provide maximum brightness. AutoSync technology automatically scales the presentation to fill the screen whether the information is displayed using VGA (640 x 480), SVGA (800 x 600), SXGA(6) (1280 x 1024) or Macintosh (832 x 624) standards.
  • Seamless Picture By utilizing DLP technology, versus the traditional LCD, a smaller distance is created between image producing elements, eliminating the "screen door" effect found on most front projectors and delivering sharp and clear graphic displays.
  • Contrast A high contrast ratio of 400:1 is twice the contrast of most LCD projectors on the market, making any presentation on the Compaq MP1600 easy to read and packed with sharp colorful images.

Compaq MP1600 Options

In today's interactive world, presentations often include video and require access to a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), a Digital Versatile Device (DVD) or camcorder. With the addition of an optional small video adapter on the back of the projector, the Compaq MP1600 is immediately transformed into a powerful video interface, allowing presenters to easily toggle between computer and video without ever having to interrupt the presentation to set up a separate video presentation. Small enough to fit in your hand, the module easily snaps on and off the back of the Compaq MP1600. It also includes an indicator light and is compatible with both composite video and S-video.

Every Compaq microportable projector comes standard with a carrying case custom designed for the MP1600 projector. The wide-spined case is designed to fall open when unzipped so that the user need not remove the projector to present, saving critical time while setting up or packing up. In addition, the carrying case has a compartment for holding connection cables, the video module, extra lamps, the owners' manual and other accessories.

The Compaq MP1600 comes with a Kensington(TM) security lock provision designed to safely secure the Compaq portable projector to a desk or tabletop for times when a user can not be with the device.

Services and Support

The Compaq MP1600 is protected under the generous CompaqCare support umbrella. The service and support package includes:

  • A two-year, worldwide limited parts and labor warranty.
  • Two-year Advanced Unit Replacement service, which includes a next business day exchange of a defective unit and two-way shipping and handling (North America and Europe).
  • Toll-free, round-the-clock support provided by the technical support hotline.


With prices beginning at $4,499(9), the Compaq MP1600 will be available within 30 days in North America to Authorized Compaq Channel Partners and directly through Compaq DirectPlus at or at 1-800-888-5858. DirectPlus allows small businesses to purchase competitively priced Compaq PCs and popular software applications direct from Compaq.

Company Background

Compaq Computer Corporation, a Fortune 100 company, is the second largest computer company in the world and the largest global supplier of computer systems. Compaq develops and markets hardware, software, solutions and services, including industry-leading enterprise solutions, fault-tolerant business critical solutions, enterprise and network storage products, commercial desktop and portable products and consumer PCs. The company is an industry leader in environmentally friendly programs and business practices.

Compaq products are sold and supported in more than 100 countries through a network of authorized Compaq marketing partners. Compaq support and information about Compaq and its products are available at or by calling 1-800-OK-Compaq. Product information and reseller locations are available by calling 1-800-345-1518.

Compaq, Registered U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Digital Light Processing and DLP are trademarks of Texas Instruments. Product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

  • Weight may vary slightly due to variations in manufacturing
  • According to the Manx Index on Portability.
  • Keystoning is the effect when an image is distorted, causing a
    trapezoid picture.
  • The standard Compaq warranty is for 90 days or 1,000 hours.
  • Lumens are the measure of brightness similar to candlepower.
  • Also known as UXGA.
  • Certain restrictions apply. See reseller or call 1-800-OK-COMPAQ
  • Replacement service in U.S. is 24 hours; Replacement service in
    Europe is 48 hours
  • Estimated street price. All reseller prices may vary.



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