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Press Release  |  Jun 8, 2005

Daylight View™ Technology Significantly Improves Image Performance

LAS VEGAS, NV (June 8, 2005) –Here at INFCOMM, Panasonic has announced the PT-LB30U series of micro-portable LCD projectors, featuring the exclusive Daylight View™ technology to achieve a 50% improvement in image performance in bright rooms such as classrooms and conference rooms.

The new PT-LB30 series consists of the wireless, 3000-lumens, XGA-resolution PT-LB30NTU and the 3000-lumens, XGA-resolution PT-LB30U.These ultra-light units are effortless to move between locations, from a boardroom to a classroom, from a church setting to a training center. Exceptionally portable, the PT-LB30NTU and PT-LB30U weigh a mere 5.7 pounds and 5.5 pounds, respectively.

Daylight View Delivers Vivid Colors in Brightly-lit Rooms
Previously, presentations given in fully-lit rooms inevitably resulted in faded, washed-out images on the screen. With Panasonic's new, exclusive Daylight View technology, the new 3000-lumen PT-LB30 series projectors achieve a 50% improvement in image performance. This substantial improvement results from the projectors' ambient light sensor, which detects changes in a room's light intensity and significantly enhances perceptible colors. Because Daylight View achieves a superb level of color perception, users will experience less of a difference between PC display images and projected images. It also provides white balance adjustment settings for both fluorescent and incandescent lamps to match the room lighting.

Wireless Model Offer Improved Wireless Data Transfer of Video and Audio
For added flexibility, the PT-LB30NTU is equipped with advanced wireless (wi-fi) technology. This IEEE802.11g wireless unit offers the fast wireless data transfer of 54Mbps (substantially faster than 11Mbps 802.11b units). It is capable of simultaneous transmission of both video and sound, as well as still pictures, to enable wireless video presentations. The projector's Wireless Manager Mobile Edition 2 (supplied software) facilitates a variety of wireless functions including In Motion Streaming, whereby moving-image files can be sent completely wirelessly, together with audio, from the hard drive of a PC, eliminating the need to connect an external video source. In Live mode and Multi Live modes, the contents of the PC screen are projected with the same smooth image motion as a wired connection.

In Multi Live mode, a single PT-LB30NTU can receive data from up to 16 PCs and display their images simultaneously on its multi-window screen. The projection style can be selected from either four individual Windows, Index Style (four thumbnails with one large image) or Extended Index (16 thumbnails on the entire screen). It is also possible to send images from a single PC to up to eight PT-LB30NTUs.

Ultra-Quick Operation
The PT-LB30U series offer a host of ease of operation and installation functions. Speed Start slashes the time it takes to begin a presentation, with an image appearing within two seconds after the user presses the power button. One-Touch Auto Setup assures quick and easy setup, and the built-in gravity sensor determines the projectors' angle relative to the floor and corrects for keystone distortion accordingly. When presentations are completed, Direct Power Off lets the user disconnect the power cable and move the projector, because the cooling fan keeps operating until the lamp is cooled.

The PT-LB30 series offers an excellent contrast ratio of 400:1 and rich, sharp images in 1024 X 768 native XGA resolution, while providing advanced resizing technology to support UXGA.

For high security, the projectors are outfitted with a host of useful anti-theft functions including a security lock, user password protection, control panel lock-out, and text superimposing whereby a user can program a text line -- such as the company's name, URL or warning of choice -- at the bottom of the projected image.

For presentation versatility, the projectors include two RGB inputs, which eliminate the need to juggle and re-connect equipment when giving consecutive presentations from two different computers. The RGB2 terminal can also serve as a loop-through monitoring terminal for the RGB1 input, which is extremely beneficial for educational applications. The projectors are equipped with a large-diameter, extra-short throw lens that shortens the necessary projection distance and allows the user to place the projector at the front of the table, making for more comfortable and convenient presentations. For example, a user can project on a 100-inch wide screen from less than 10 feet away.

The units are HDTV compatible and can automatically resize 1080i and 720p images for 16:9 wide-aspect display; 480p, 480i and 625i component video signals and S-Video can also be displayed in either 4:3 or 16:9. The projectors also include an Index Window, which allows any image in a presentation (RGB or video input) to be frozen, stored in memory and displayed on the left side of the screen, while display of subsequent images continues on the right. Users can choose from Standard and Low lamp power modes, and can project on screens ranging in size from 33" to 300".

Other valuable features include: Auto power off; 3X digital zoom; selectable 17-language on-screen menu; sRGB compatibility; Auto Search; automatic input signal detector; blackboard mode; freeze; advanced shutter function for image/sound muting; discrete S-video and video inputs for connecting two DVD/video sources at the same time; temperature and lamp replacement warning indicators; and a card-type remote control.

The PT-LB30 series projectors boast a compact, notebook-size body, measuring 12 27/32" W X 2-31/32" H x 9 5/32" D -- slightly larger than a sheet of paper. The PT-LB30NTU and PT-LB30U are available in June at suggested list prices of $4,299 and $3,799 respectively.

Options include the ET-PKB30 ceiling mount bracket for permanent installation, and the ET-RM300 full-function wireless mouse remote control with laser pointer.

Panasonic offers a high level of service and support with a three-year limited warranty on the projector from authorized dealers, a 90-day warranty on the user-replaceable lamp module and a 24-hour "ZipIt" projector exchange program. For more information on the PT-L30 series and Panasonic's complete line of projectors, visit

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