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Press Release  |  Jul 26, 2005

Optical engineering and design at its finest, SIM2’s C3X is a highly-advanced, compact forerunner

New York, NY – July 26, 2005 – SIM2 USA, through their parent company SIM2 Multimedia, unveil the revolutionary C3X - the premier 3-chip projector to offer a compact, high-performance lifestyle video solution. Combining unprecedented video quality and performance, with exciting new electronics and software the C3X joins the company's Grand Cinema Line, redefining home projection by deliverina a truly cinematic experience!

Precisely designed and engineered by SIM2, the C3X achieves a unique balance between innovation, functionality and style unchallenged in the high-end market segment. Exceeding the demands set forth by savvy front projection enthusiasts, the C3X features newly developed and patented SIM2 ALPHA™ Path 3-Chip Light Engine. Coupled with the latest TI DLP™ chip's performance enhancing refinements, the Grand Cinema C3X replaces bulky, noisy, expensive 3-Chip projectors with a silent, first-class projector that belies its more affordable price and size.

At the heart of the C3X is SIM2's folded ALPHA™ Path light engine, effectively re-sizing the illumination optical path to maintain length and compactness. This advanced engine enables the C3X to achieve exceptional picture quality from a significantly smaller space. Versatile in home theater use and installation, the compact C3X's outstanding 6500:1 contrast ratio, multiple lens options (T1 and T2), and Hi-Brite lamp reproduce vibrant, detailed images for multiple rooms, screens and lighting applications. Best picture management software and customizable memory functions, further ensure the perfect picture every time!

Boldly challenging industry standards to date, the HD compatible Grand Cinema C3X is loaded with advanced features including HDMI™– HDCP video inputs, amongst its 10 inputs, and an IR sensor jack. Easily upgradeable, the RS232 and the new USB ports allow enthusiasts to easily download the latest control software.

Key Points:
3 HD2+ DarkChip™3 (DC3 chip) technology
Proprietary compact 3-chip DLP-based Light Engine by SIM2
HD inputs via component analogue or HDMI™– HDCP digital inputs
6500:1 typical contrast ratio
1280x720 pixels 50/60Hz progressive (720p) and 1920x1080 50/60Hz interlaced (1080i inputs)
250W lamp reaches a peak of 2500 Ansi Lumens
2 new spurious particles-free lens options T1 (optional lens with throw ratio: 1,5-2:1) and T2 (standard lens with throw ratio: 2-3:1) respectively.

Stunning in performance and style, the C3X technology is housed in an elegant, smooth chassis. Equipped with a new "auto" function, the C3X adapts and optimizes fan speeds, reduces temperatures and fan noise, while maximizing overall processing power. The compact unit measures 17.1 x 7.5 x 16.9 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 24 lbs.

The C3X and C3X LINK are available in SIM2's signature silver-gray finish and starts at a MSRP of $17,995. Units will begin shipping in September. For more information, consumers can call: 1-954-442-2999 or visit

Since their entrance into the US home theater market in 1999, SIM2 USA, under the guidance of its parent SIM2 Multimedia, has dedicated its resources to designing, developing and marketing products that meet the demand of the US market. SIM2 Multimedia, a worldwide leading manufacturer of home theater products for over ten years, engineers home entertainment products that deliver uncompromising performance to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding home theater enthusiast.

Digital Light Processing, DLP and DLP Cinema are trademarks of Texas Instruments.