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eDimensional, Lightspeed Design Group Partner
to Provide Affordable, Portable 3D Solutions

Press Release  |  Aug 1, 2005

eDimensional’s 3D glasses and infrared emitter accompany
Lightspeed’s Infocus DepthQ Stereoscopic Projectors

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - August 1st, 2005 - eDimensional, the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of stereoscopic 3D products and accessories, has partnered with Lightspeed Design Group to provide commercial-grade 3D shutter glasses and custom mini-DIN infrared emitters to accompany the Infocus DepthQ Stereoscopic Projector hardware. eDimensional's 3D glasses with emitter offer professionals and consumers an affordable solution to view 3D content with products starting as low as $50 per unit.

"The eDimensional 3D glasses are the most cost effective stereoscopic viewing hardware for use with the Infocus™ DepthQ™ Stereo Projector, providing a vivid 3D viewing experience for both commercial and consumer applications," says Chris Ward, President of Lightspeed Design Group. With a durable design and wide signal range reaching up to 20', the eDimensional shutter glasses provide a viable solution that is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

DepthQ™ Stereoscopic Projector with eDimensional 3D hardware features:
• Quality – Flicker-free, 120hz full resolution 3D images
• Affordable – A fraction of the cost of other single or dual-lens 3D projectors, with eDimensional viewing hardware starting at under $50
• Convenient - At 6.8 pounds, the projector fits under your arm, shutter glasses are also lightweight and adjustable, and entire system sets up in less than 5 minutes
• Powerful – Captivating 3D presentations that communicate ideas and produce results
• Versatile – Watch 3D movies, games, or work "live" on collaborative CAD visualizations

"We are pleased to provide Lightspeed and Infocus with laboratory-tested 3D hardware that will enhance the Infocus™ DepthQ™ stereoscopic solution, while providing consumers and businesses an efficient way to take their office, laboratory, boardroom or game room visuals to the next level," said eDimensional President and CEO Michael Epstein.

For more information or to order the Infocus™ DepthQ™ projector and eDimensional viewing hardware, please visit

About eDimensional
eDimensional was founded in 2000 by a group of gamers at heart, dedicated to creating the most realistic gaming and entertainment experience ever. eDimensional has grown rapidly and emerged as the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of cutting-edge gaming accessories, while expanding its reach into business segment, providing 3D solutions to such clients as Boeing, NASA, The United States Department of Energy, and numerous U.S. universities and research laboratories.

About Lightspeed Design Group
Lightspeed is one of the world's premiere designers of stereoscopic 3D presentations and software technologies, with considerable technical expertise in projection, optics and electronics. Our 2D and 3D film clients include Mercedes, U.S. Army, Continental Teves, and Procter & Gamble. Lightspeed's 3D technologies are being used by such companies as IMAX Corporation and Walt Disney Imagineering.