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Hitachi Expands Front Projection Portfolio With Two New Models; Advanced HDPJ52 With New Dual Iris Technology and Affordable EDPJ32

Press Release  |  Sep 8, 2005
INDIANAPOLIS --(Business Wire)-- Sept. 8, 2005 The Home Electronics Division of Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT),, today introduced two new models that broaden Hitachi's compact home theater projector offerings, including the feature-rich UltraVision(R) HDPJ52 720p High Definition 16:9 LCD Front Projector for home theater enthusiasts and the EDPJ32 Enhanced Definition LCD Entertainment Projector for savvy consumers looking for an affordable projector option.

UltraVision(R) High Definition 16:9 LCD Front Projector HDJP52
The HDPJ52 features the company's new and exclusive Hi-2 Dual Iris System for superior picture quality and powerful contrast ratio of up to 5000:1.

"At the core of every Hitachi home theater product is years of optical engineering development and refinement, combined with advanced new technologies," said Jeff Fochtman, product manager for Hitachi America, Ltd., Home Electronics Division. "The HDPJ52's Hi-2 Dual Iris System is a testament to the fact that our engineering expertise and design know-how enables us to deliver a large screen size solution with flexible installation options and unparalleled image quality."

Loaded with exclusive Hitachi technologies, the HDPJ52 features the innovative Hi-2 Dual Iris System that combines two independently controlled Iris components to optimize the brightness of the projector to the ambient light conditions in the room to ensure users enjoy a more realistic and dramatic picture.

The 10-step, remote motorized lens iris can be opened for maximum output from the projector when more brightness is needed for high-ambient light conditions or closed in a low-light environment to create a deeper black level and increase subtle detail in shadows and highlights.

The system controlled Lamp Iris can also be independently opened and closed by degrees to dynamically affect the amount of light sent through the light engine to the LCD panels. By digitally mapping incoming frames to determine the correct position of the Lamp Iris, a 5000:1 contrast ratio can be achieved.

The HDPJ52 also includes Hitachi's exclusive nine-step gamma curve adjustment feature for attaining proper black levels and picture mode presets to optimize the picture quality for specific programming types and customized to suit the specific viewing environment. And regardless of the ambient light conditions of the room, the HDPJ52 projector delivers optimal brightness to ensure the best possible picture quality.

Hitachi's proprietary Super-Focus Quattro ELD Lens technology enables the HDPJ52 to be placed off-axis from the center of the screen without requiring digital correction. The lens system itself shifts the image both vertically and horizontally to reproduce 720p high-definition images with exceptional detail and sharpness. Extensive imaging features include a 1.6x optical zoom that, when combined with the 3 Panel 720p LCD light engine, can create an image up to 300 inches with clarity and enhanced brightness.

This front projector features a resolution of 1280 x 720, 3:2 film processing, 1,200 Lumen Light Output, HDMI-HDTV Input, a user-replaceable 150-watt lamp and a "whisper quiet" operation to reduce noise output to an industry low of just 24db.

The HDPJ52 measures 5 11/16" x 13 3/8" x 11 3/16" and weighs 10.8 pounds. It will be available this month for $3,999.99.

Enhanced Definition LCD Entertainment Projector EDPJ32
Retailing under $1,500, Hitachi's new EDPJ32 projector gives consumers a high-performance front projector at an affordable price. This model weighs less than five pounds and features Hitachi's exclusive glass lens with digital zoom, a resolution of 854 x 480, 3:2 Film Processing and 1,300 Lumen Light Output. Convenience features include three pre-set picture modes, including Normal, Cinema and Dynamic settings, as well as a 1.2x Digital Zoom Control.

The EDPJ32 also offers a "whisper quiet" 32db operation with front exhaust and a consumer replaceable 165-watt lamp. A D-Sub (female) component adaptor and stereo mini-RCA audio adaptor are included.

The EDPJ32 measures 3" x 11" x 8" and weighs only 4.8 pounds. It will be available this month and retail for $1,499.99.

UltraVision(R) High Definition LCD Front Projector PJTX100
Rounding out the line of Hitachi front projectors is the UltraVision(R) PJTX100, a high-definition 16:9 LCD home-theater projector. The PJTX100 provides a large screen size solution with flexible installation options and unparalleled image quality. The 3 Panel 720p LCD light engine and exclusive Super Focus Quattro ELD can create an image from 30 to 300 inches, with incredible clarity and brightness. The Super Focus Quattro ELD lens system includes lens shift capability as well as 1.6x zoom functionality. The lens shift feature in the PJTX100 allows the unit to be placed off axis from the center of the screen without having to use digital correction. The lens system itself shifts the image both vertically and horizontally, maintaining detail and sharpness.

The PJTX100 measures 5 9/16" x 13 7/16" x 11 1/6" and is available now for $2,999.

Hitachi America, Ltd. Home Electronics Division produces and markets a wide variety of consumer electronics products, including high-definition plasma televisions and monitors, LCD projection and flat panel HDTVs, CRT televisions, as well as DVD camcorders and DVD players. In addition to consumer products, Hitachi also markets professional plasma monitors for business applications as well as security and observation system products.

Hitachi has a unique position in the marketplace by manufacturing and developing its own core technologies to provide consumers and businesses with optimal product performance in each of Hitachi's product categories. Hitachi America, Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., markets and manufactures a broad range of electronics, computer systems and products, and consumer electronics, and provides industrial equipment and services throughout North America. For more information, visit

Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE:HIT), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 347,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2004 (ended March 31, 2005) consolidated sales totaled 9,027.0 billion yen ($84.4 billion). The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market sectors including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials and financial services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's Website at