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World's First Truly Automatic Projectors: NEC LT30, LT35

Press Release  |  Oct 19, 2005

NEC Introduces Automatic Projectors That Include Auto Focus, Auto Keystone Correction, Automatic Image Optimization and Automatic Start/Shut Down

CHICAGO, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NEC, a leader in projectors and plasma displays, announces the world's first truly automatic projectors, the LT30 and LT35. Both NEC digital projectors are smaller than an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and weigh less than five pounds, but boast a brightness of a much larger projector. Virtually everything on these projectors is automatic, including start-up, focus, keystone correction, AutoSense(TM) and even cool down. These technological innovations are all included on the NEC LT30/35 to make presenting easier for the user and to protect the life of the lamp.

"It is a privilege to present the world's first automatic projectors," said David Woolf, vice president of marketing, NEC. "There are no other projectors like this out there -- this is truly an industry first. We expect great things from these little powerhouses!"

Truly Automatic
The NEC LT30 and LT35 DLP(TM) projectors feature a full set of automatic innovations which help to alleviate public speaking worry in the presenter's mind. First, the automatic focus instantly provides a sharp image without the touch of a button via a distance sensor located in the front of the projector. Also, if the projector is set up at a steep offset angle to the screen, the automatic keystone correction instantly recognizes this and corrects the angle to project a perfectly square image. The LT30/35 also features automatic start-up and shut down enabling the projector to be turned on and off from a wall light-switch or power strip. The projectors also feature direct power off which is a unique lamp saver technology that protects the lamp in the event of power interruption. Built-in sensors protect the lamp and projector from overheating, increasing the lamp life. Finally, NEC's AutoSense(TM) technology intuitively syncs the projector with computer signals and features one-touch image optimization which provides better clarity and greater detail of high resolution images.

Adaptable for Any Application
At only 4.4 pounds, these projectors are portable enough to be moved from room to room or to drop into your carry-on bag for the plane. Even at this small size, the LT30 and LT35 boast an unprecedented brightness at 2,600 lumens and 3,000 lumens, respectively. Also, built-in wall color correction allows you to properly display an image even on non-white surfaces. These high resolution, XGA 1024x768 native resolution projectors feature advanced video processing including 3-2/2-2 pull down which provides error free interpolation for moving video resulting in a smooth image with greater clarity and detail.

Pricing and Availability
The NEC LT30 and LT35 will be available November, 2005 for $1,795* and $2,195, respectively. The projectors come standard with NEC's comprehensive three-year limited warranty on parts and one-year limited warranty on labor, along with InstaCare(SM), which provides quick repair and/or replacement, and optional EcoCare(SM) recycling coverage. The lamp is covered by a one-year or 500-hour limited warranty.

Coming Soon: The NEC NP2000 and NP1000
NEC will be releasing the NP2000 and NP1000 digital installation projectors in spring, 2006. These networked projectors can be used wired or wirelessly, feature vertical and horizontal lens shift and have a full line of optional lenses available. These XGA projectors provide a suite of networking technologies and asset management features. Users can wirelessly connect from a computer to one projector, multiple projectors and other computers or even access another person's computer using the Image Express Utility(TM) that ships with the projector. Users can even keep their computers at their desks and present in another room via a USB mouse connected to the projector that can control all of the functions of the computer. Remote diagnostics also enable the user to monitor and make adjustments to the projector via the network from a remote location. The NP2000 and NP1000 are incredibly bright at 4000 and 3500 lumens, respectively. Similar to the LT30/35, the NP2000/1000 also offers lamp saver technologies with heat sensor and direct power off to prolong the life of the projector. Pricing to be determined.

NEC Solutions America, Visual Systems Division, is the second largest provider of professional grade plasmas and projectors in North America. A Global 150 technology leader with over $40 billion in revenue, NEC Corporation delivers projectors and plasma displays with crystal clear images every time -- because it's your image. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-NEC-INFO.

About NEC Solutions (America), Inc.
NEC Solutions (America), Inc. is a premier provider of integrated solutions for the Connected Enterprise in North America. As an affiliate of NEC Corporation (NASDAQ:NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.1), NEC Solutions America taps into a global resource network to help clients leverage technology to achieve a competitive edge. From corporate performance management and biometric security solutions to digital cinema and in-theatre advertising systems, visual displays and server solutions, the expertise is delivered with the personal attention needed to address individual situations. With headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California, NEC Solutions America serves a wide range of markets, including the healthcare and public safety, financial services, cinema, retail and manufacturing markets. Information regarding NEC Solutions America can be found at .

*All prices listed are Estimated Street Price (ESP) and may vary.