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Press Release  |  Jan 24, 2006

Newest Installation Projectors Boast Easy Installation Design and Proprietary Color Enhancer Technology

IRVINE, Calif., January 24, 2006 — Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, known for its award-winning high quality presentation and display products, is shipping its new XD1000U and XD2000U installation projectors that blast up to 3500 ANSI lumens in an easy-to-integrate and install design.

The XD1000U and XD2000U projectors continue Mitsubishi's commitment to the installation projector market by offering a myriad of features important for integrators and end-users. Each has a built-in LAN module for easy asset management, projector control and reporting, and a five volt out-connection for easy integration with Mitsubishi's wireless module. Both feature filter-free design and an aesthetically pleasing putty colored cabinet that blends in with standard business ceilings for a streamlined appearance.

"Our new installation projectors are really bright and feature-rich," said Frank Anzures, product manager, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Presentation Products Division. "Anyone who needs high performance, versatility and rich colors in an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain installation projector will find the XD1000U and XD2000U perfect choices."

Both new projectors offer Mitsubishi's own Color Enhancer™ technology, based on Texas Instruments' BrilliantColor™, which uses a new color-processing algorithm and system level enhancements to offer higher brightness while providing truer, more vibrant colors. Color Enhancer enables a greater than 50 percent increase in mid-tones, which are common in video and natural scenes, enabling the XD1000U and XD2000U to reproduce images in realistic and true colors.

The XD1000U and XD2000U projectors are powered by Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing™ chip technology and have been designed with sealed optic engines. This advanced filter-free construction makes these projectors resistant to dust, dirt and other micro particles within the light path. By eliminating the need for a filter, the occurrence of problems typically associated with clogged filters, such as overheated lamps and premature failure, are reduced. Users and service departments tasked with the tedious responsibility of inspecting, cleaning and replacing projector filters every three to six months will appreciate easier maintenance schedules.

Both projectors have XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) and weigh less than 20 pounds. Their 2000:1contrast ratio provides details in dark images while keeping light areas from getting washed out. The XD1000U and XD2000U also offer high brightness¯3000 ANSI lumens and 3500 ANSI lumens respectively¯and are perfect for any lighting situations in corporate board rooms, universities and churches.

These projectors also feature a bayonette lens mount and motorized horizontal and vertical lens shift, offering more installation option. Once either of these projectors is in place, the image can be adjusted optically or digitally and the lens can be replaced without taking the projector out of its mount allowing for flexibility when changing to a smaller or larger screen. Combined with a 5000-hour rated lamp, the XD1000U and XD2000U require minimal maintenance, saving service hours and money.

"Our integrators are very pleased with these new projectors," said James Chan, director, product marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Presentation Products Division. "They're easy to install and network, and are essentially maintenance-free. These are two great new choices for this market"

Pricing, Availability, Warranty
The XD1000U and XD2000U have a suggested retail price of $4995 and $5995 respectively and are currently available through Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's professional dealer channel and selected online retailers and retail outlets. The projectors come with a one-year limited warranty on the lamp, a three-year limited warranty on parts and labor, and Mitsubishi's exclusive three-year Express Replacement Assistance program.

About Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Presentation Products Division
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division markets an extensive line of professional presentation, display and front-projection home entertainment display systems and is known for its award-winning, high-quality, accurate color reproduction technology. Products are sold through authorized distributors, resellers, retailers, dealers, and system integrators throughout the United States. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is located at 9351 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, Calif., 92618. For more information, please call 888-307-0312 or visit or

Color Enhancer is a trademark of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America; BrilliantColor and Digital Light Processing are trademarks of Texas Instruments