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Vutec Introduces Vision XFT:

Press Release  |  Jun 2, 2006

A Tri-Plex Vertical Masking System

Orlando, FL (June 2, 2006) –Vutec Corporation has introduced the Vision XFT Tri-Plex to meet the advanced technology needs of the commercial sector. The company will be demonstrating the XFT at InfoComm in Booth #1347 using Digital Projection's Mercury 5000 HD 3-chip DLP™ projector.

"Vision XFT is unique," said Howard Sinkoff, President of Vutec Corporation, "by offering users a native 2.35:1, flat-fixed, vertical masking system for anamorphic lens projectors that can maintain constant vertical height for all three standard aspect ratios in a single projection screen. It also eliminates the shadows that plague curved screen systems." Vision XFT achieves this optimum viewing experience by being designed by Vutec to leave no space between the masking panels and projection screen.

Equally important, Vision XFT is able to maintain constant image height for 2.35:1 CinemaScope, 16:9 HDTV, and 4:3 NTSC TV aspect ratios through an intelligent motor control system electronically integrated into the product by Vutec engineers. This ensures the vertical masking panels will achieve the perfect aspect ratio with each viewing experience.

The XFT comes with both an intelligent motor control interface and Decora-style keypad control. Moreover, Vutec has engineered Vision XFT to use the company's IR6 infrared interface adaptor to allow users to control the system via a learnable IR remote. The XFT's built-in intelligent motor control system also makes the product fully compatible with control system interfaces by AMX, Crestron, Lexicon and other manufacturers. Finally, Vision XFT ships fully assembled for immediate installation.

"Businesses are now demanding their highly sophisticated projectors be matched by an equally sophisticated video projection screen that can accommodate the widest variety of viewing options—but without the costs of exorbitant add-on systems," commented Kevin R. Baisley, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Vutec.

Corporate users of Vision XFT have six screen materials to choose from to suit their particular viewing environment, starting with Vutec's patented SilverStar™, offering a gain of 6.0 without hot spotting, a 180 degree viewing area, ambient light rejection, increased contrast, and bright, vivid colors.

Other Vutec screen materials available for Vision XFT include BriteWhite Opaque (1.3 gain), PearlBrite (3.1 gain), GreyDove (0.95 gain), the company's award-winning, acoustically transparent SoundScreen (0.85 gain) and GreyDove SoundScreen (0.85 gain).

"No other manufacturer is offering this all-inclusive product," stated Sinkoff. "Quite simply, Vision XFT with multiple formats gives companies the ability to perform a variety of functions on one screen to meet all their communication needs."

About Vutec Corporation
Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Florida, Vutec Corporation is a world leader in video projection screen technology, designing and manufacturing front and rear projection screens and advanced masking systems. Vutec's Vision X, Vutec brand and Audio-Visual products are designed for commercial, home, and institutional applications, and Vutec holds patents on its SilverStar™, Retracta-Vu Pro™, and Vu-Flex Pro-Duplex™ screens. The company's SilverStar™ high-gain/high-contrast flat screen, introduced in 2004, was the industry's first new screen technology in 25 years. Vutec sells through a global network of authorized dealers and distributors.