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Vutec Offers Anti-Reflective Black Backing for SoundScreen

Press Release  |  Jun 2, 2006
Orlando, FL (June 2, 2006) –Vutec Corporation announced that its SoundScreen is now available with a anti-reflective black backing to eliminate stray light reflections emanating from behind the acoustically transparent screen.

The anti-reflective black backing also improves screen performance. "Not only does it make the SoundScreen material smoother, it enhances contrast and black level," stated Alan Gouger, President of AV Science, Inc. "I highly recommend adding black backing."

The solid matte backing has been designed by Vutec to lay flush against the woven SoundScreen material. The position of the center channel speaker behind the SoundScreen determines where an installer cut-out will be on the black backing for acoustic clarity.

SoundScreen is Vutec's award-winning, acoustically transparent, vinyl-coated screen, designed to conceal speakers without distorting sound transmission while maintaining high picture quality. SoundScreen (0.95 gain) won the prestigious Visual Grand Prix Award in Tokyo in 1998 and 1999 against international competitors as the screen fabric with the highest quality sound transmission and image.

The SoundScreen backing is part of the company's Vision X line of advanced screens, masking systems, and control system interfaces for video projection in commercial and home theater applications.

About Vutec Corporation
Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Florida, Vutec Corporation is a world leader in video projection screen technology, designing and manufacturing front and rear projection screens and advanced masking systems. Vutec's Vision X, Vutec brand and Audio-Visual products are designed for commercial, home, and institutional applications, and Vutec holds patents on its SilverStar™, Retracta-Vu Pro™, and Vu-Flex Pro-Duplex™ screens. The company's SilverStar™ high-gain/high-contrast flat screen, introduced in 2004, was the industry's first new screen technology in 25 years. Vutec sells through a global network of authorized dealers and distributors.