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Press Release  |  Jun 7, 2006

XJ-S35 Enables Presentations without a PC

ORLANDO, FL, JUNE 7, 2006 — CASIO, INC. and its parent company, CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD., have announced the release of the Super Slim Projector, a new product in the CASSIOPEIA® PRO series of data projectors at the InfoComm 2006 Show that opened in Orlando, FL today. Two models will be available: the XJ-S35 and the XJ-S30. Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will start shipping the new projectors in the third quarter of 2006. The new projectors will be on display at Casio's Booth # 4027.

CASIO's CASSIOPEIA® PRO series, introduced at the end of 2003, is well known for its compact size and brightness. CASSIOPEIA® PRO also won kudos for being the first data projector with a wide-angle 2X zoom lens. This series of projectors has won rave reviews from both businesses and schools, and are used for a broad range of applications.

With the new Super Slim Projector (models XJ-S35 and XJ-S30), CASIO has made components such as the projection lens and light source much smaller, achieving a significant reduction in the height of the unit to just 1.69" (1.26" at the thinnest point). In addition, the high-end XJ-S35 model enables users to make PowerPoint and other presentations without a PC. A whole new breed of communication tool, the Super Slim Projector expands on what users can do through innovations in both form and function.

The Super Slim Projector's wide-angle 2X zoom lens gives it the best range of any data projector on the market—images can be projected from as close as 2.7'. It also delivers remarkable brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens, so users can make presentations without dimming the lights.

This groundbreaking new mobile projector is great for small, everyday meetings and major presentations—and everything in between.

Accompanying the new data projectors, CASIO is also introducing the YP-100 Multi-Functional Presentation Kit, an accessory that acts as a support tool for presentations that use data projectors. Casio Computer Co., Ltd., will start shipping the YP-100 in the third quarter of 2006.

"Casio is excited to introduce these two new super slim projectors", said Bob Garbutt, General Manager of Casio's Business Projector Division. "The versatility of the XJ-S35 and XJ-S30 projectors, with their super slim design and powerful zoom lens, make them the perfect business companion", he continued.

• Super Slim Projector XJ-S35
Top-of-the-line model that comes with all the features of the YP-100 Multi-Functional Presentation Kit built in, expanding the projector's range of applications. Images stored on commercially available USB memory, such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, can be projected without using a PC (after conversion using the bundled software). In addition, an optionally available USB wireless adapter frees users to deliver presentations without having to stay near the projector.

• Super Slim Projector XJ-S30
Features the same slim external dimensions and brightness of the XJ-S35, minus that model's USB port.

• YP-100 Multi-Functional Presentation Kit
CASIO'S pocket-sized presentation support tool. The tool offers connectivity with a wide range of data projectors, such as the XJ-S30, enabling image protection without a PC and the use of a USB wireless adapter.