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Philips Announces Shipment Of The New Hopper XG10

Press Release  |  Jun 10, 1999

The Only True Personal Projector With All The Features And None Of The Sacrifices

June 10, 1999 -- Today Philips CDS announced the shipping of the Hopper XG10 into markets worldwide. Building on the success of the award winning* Hopper SV10 personal projector, Philips Creative Display Solutions introduces today, the newthis latest model release, the Hopper XG10, uses the same stylish, smart, rugged design that is already making an impact in meeting rooms around the world. an elegantly-designed, lightweight

This model features pin-point sharp XGA (2,359,296 pixels ) projector thatresolution, delivers 700 ANSI Lumens for bright, detailed, crystal-clear images, even under in daylight conditions, and silence at less than 32 Dcbs noise - more quiet than the whirl of a CD ROM. With the Hopper XG10, Philips made noNo sacrifices have been made in picture performance or product quality, for short gains in size and weight as is common in other ultra portable projectors currently available. The Hopper XG10 XG10 has been conceived to match the highly-demanding needs of the corporate mobileincludes glass lenses, key stone correction, zoom, ceiling mountability, a soft carry bag, First Choice 24 hour swap service, and is the only Class B approved ultra-portable for home use. presenter and is suitable for use in small (on- and off-site) meeting rooms.

Quietest Projector in the market:

Through the ground-breaking The Philips Air System ( PAS™ ) technology is a new breakthrough heat diffusion technology, which has been integrated into the Hopper XG10. The benefit of PAS is silence, enjoys the benefit of being virtually silent less than 32 ( 31 db(A)) - four times quieter more silent than its competition - while maintaining a low temperature. Even after prolonged use, no part of the projector or the surrounding surface is hot enough to cause discomfort if it comes in contact with the skin nor will it make the audience sitting next to the otherwise warm air flow, feel uncomfortable

This places the Hopper XG10 advantageously in a market where noisy cooling fans, which distract the audience, are the norm, especially in smaller meeting rooms and the living room.

Philips' Digital TV Performance:

Leveraging the company's Philips' legacy and market leadership with television and monitor display technologies, the Hopper XG10 comes withis equipped with the award wining combination of picture technology, UHP™ lamp, LIMESCO™ chip and the unique Philips Air System (PAS™). Together these Philips' technologies allow forgive advanced picture processing, uniform imaging, as well as brilliant, richly saturated, long lasting colors.long-term picture consistency, uniformity and long lamp life. The Hopper XG10 delivers 700 ANSI Lumens and virtually constant brightness over its 4,000-hour lifetime, with rich, natural color saturation and 85% homogeneity, without hot spots - a common problem with most ultra-portables. Just plug it in and turn it on - that's all there is to getting a picture. The Philips Philips LIMESCO™ chip automatically detects the source - VGA to SXGA, data / video, PC or Mac, PAL, SECAM and NTSC - and converts the images without loss of information. The auto voltage feature means that users can plug in anywhere in the world, without getting a shock. It offers future proof compatibility with PC, Mac and video standards ( PAL, SECAM and NTSC ) meaning that the projector will automatically recognize any connected piece of equipment and will display a full size image without information loss or picture deterioration.

First Federal Communications Committee ( FCC ) Class B certified personal projectorCertified Safe For Home Use: The only personal projector.

Now presenters can use both the Hopper XG10 and Hopper SV10 for work during the week and for leisure at home on the weekend. The Federal Communications Committee (FCC) in the U. S. recently issued class B certification for the Hoppers XG10 making this the first model ultra-portable to feature the first low-emission projector that with minimminimizes um interference with households appliances ( TVs, VCR's, CD players, Microwaves, phones,…) in the market. Competitors are FCC Class A certified which applies only to Industry and IT equipment for professional use. In order to receive FCC Class B certification, tougher standards (lower emission levels) need to be met.

The level of electromagnetic radiation approved for Class B needs to be below 46 db(A) Micro Volt versus the 56 db(A) Micro Volt for Class A. The low emission level for the Hopper SV10 is achieved by adding a special metallic cover shield around the engine and by making use of special connectors on the printed circuit boards which by defect increases its weight.

Warranty, Pricing and Availability

As with all Philips projectors, the Philips Hopper XG10 ultra portable projector is covered by a worldwide warranty and a First Choice service program** which provides the user with a temporary replacement projector within 24/48 hours of the request. This offers the presenter peace of mind if an emergency should arise.The new Hopper XG10 will be available in July 1999 for an estimated street price of $6,999. The Hopper XG10 can be purchased through Philips Premium Partners and value-added resellers in the US and in over 120 countries around the globe.

Most recent awards:

The Hopper SV10: Industrie Forum Design award 1999 ( Germany ); Goed Industrieel Ontwerp Design award 1999 ( The Netherlands ); I.D. Design award ( USA ); HIFI Test winner 1999 ( Germany ); Fellini 100: Eisa award "Best Video Projector 1998-99 ( Europe ); Popular Home Automation editors' choice 1999 ( USA ); Heimkino Test winner 1998 ( Germany ); Home Entertainment editors' choice 1998( UK ), and ProScreen 4750: Home Entertainment Best buy 1999 ( UK )


**Only in the United States of America and certain countries in Europe.

Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is one of the world's biggest electronics companies and Europe's largest, with sales of US$ 33.9 billion in 1998. It is a global leader in color television sets, lighting, electric shavers, color picture tubes for televisions and monitors, and one-chip TV products. Its 228,800 employees in more than 60 countries are active in the areas of lighting, consumer electronics, domestic appliances, components, semiconductors, medical systems, business electronics, and IT services (Origin). Philips is quoted on the NYSE, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and other stock exchanges.