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Press Release  |  Sep 17, 2006

The new projectors’ exclusive combination of 1080p processing and CineWide™ technologies create an unparalleled home cinema experience

Denver, CO – CEDIA EXPO 2006 – September 13 - 17, 2006 – Booth # 141 – Runco International launches two new models in its Reflection™ Series with the addition of the RS-1100 and RS-1100 Ultra 1080p DLP™ projectors. Both models incorporate single-chip DLP based light engines engineered and calibrated for the finest video reproduction and certified to comply with the Imaging Science Foundation™ (ISF) exacting standards for excellence in picture quality.

Both the RS-1100 and the RS-1100 Ultra are available with CineWide™, while the RS-1100 Ultra can be outfitted with CineWide with AutoScope™. Runco's exclusive CineWide technology provides uncompromised widescreen reproduction of movies originally filmed in the CinemaScope™ 2.35:1 format. When a viewer transitions from 1.78:1 (16:9) program material to 2.35:1 material, Runco's proprietary scaling technology stretches the image vertically, so the black bars at the top and the bottom are eliminated and active picture area fills the screen. The anamorphic lens then stretches the image again, horizontally this time, restoring the picture to its original, geometrically correct, and full 2.35:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio. The resulting image fills the entire 2.35:1 screen, producing an image that is 33% bigger with no black bars and increased resolution and brightness. With the AutoScope option, the anamorphic lens is motorized to allow maximum resolution on both 2.35:1 and 16:9 screens, ensuring the most accurate reproduction of either 2.35:1 aspect movies or 16:9 HDTV material.

Both the RS-1100 and the RS-1100 Ultra feature a native 16:9, 1920 x 1080p resolution – the pinnacle of high definition resolution. They both produce brightness levels of 1680 ANSI lumens as well as contrast ratios of 200:1–220:1 and 1500:1–3100:1. Runco's award-winning Vivix™ digital video processing is built into both models to provide artifact-free scaling and enhanced picture quality from all digital and analog video sources. Runco's sophisticated parameters for white balance and color gamut control have also been implemented for precise gray scale tracking and color balance. The RS-1100 and RS-1100 Ultra feature Runco's proprietary SuperOnyx™ light engine and Selectable Lamp Intensity Control™ (SLIC) which provides two selectable lamp intensity levels to allow maximum flexibility for screen size, ambient light conditions, brightness, contrast balance and preservation of usable lamp life.

The Ultra version of the RS-1100 adds high-end upgrades such as the O-Path™ light path enhancement technology and AxiShift™ multidirectional lens shift for greater installation flexibility. The RS-1100 Ultra also offers six CinOptx™ premium-grade lens options offering throw distances ranging from 1.03 to 4.78 x screen width (16:9 screens).

The RS-1100 Ultra is available with the optional SDC-1; a versatile, high-performance digital video switcher. By providing a single, convenient connection point for home theater components that is separate from the projector, the SDC-1 gives integrators greater flexibility in terms of projector placement. It also simplifies the task of adding components after the projector has been installed while preserving all video signals in the digital domain. This is done via Runco's proprietary R-Link™ cable which allows for a single connection between the SDC-1 and the projector; the R-Link cable's bandwidth allows for communication and all resolutions and types of video to be passed without compromise to the projector. The rear panel of the SDC-1 provides connections for a variety of components and includes RGB and HDMI inputs, a configurable serial control for both RS-232 and RS-422, as well as a USB port control for seamless integration with automation control systems.

The RS-1100 Ultra is shipping. The MSRP of the RS-1100 is $11,995 and the RS-1100 Ultra is $19,995. For more information on Runco International, Inc., please visit

Founded in 1987 and currently headquartered in Union City, California, Runco International, Inc is a market leader in state-of-the-art projection systems, flat-panel plasma monitors, video processors and other components for the consumer market. Runco's innovations have won numerous awards and citations from the world press. Runco was the first company to introduce and market a line doubler with a multi-frequency projector in 1990 and also introduced the first multiple-aspect-ratio controller, the ARC-IV, to the Home Theater market. Recently, both of these features have become essential for the new digital high definition capable televisions.

Reflection, SuperOnyx, Selectable Lamp Intensity Control, and ViViX, are trademarks of Runco International. Digital Light Processing, DLP and DMD are trademarks of Texas Instruments. ISF is a trademark of the Imaging Science Foundation.