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CTX Opto to Showcase the EZPRO 610 in Infocomm Shoot-out

Press Release  |  Jun 7, 1999

Leading Provider of Advanced Display Technology Takes on Industry in Projection Shoot-Out Company Also Offers Sneak Preview of PanoView LCD Monitors

ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER/INFOCOMM, ORLANDO, Fla. (June 7, 1999) -- CTX Opto, Sunnyvale, Calif., a leading provider of advanced display technology and its EzPro 610, will take on the industry in head-to-head competition at the lnfocomm Projection Shoot-Out at lnfocomm International.  The EzPro 610 is one of CTX Opto's newest digital projectors and will be on display with other members of the EzPro LCD projector lineup at booth # 443 at the Orange County Convention Center.  In addition, CTX Opto will offer InfoComm attendees a sneak preview of the PanoView family of flat panel LCD displays from its forthcoming line of professional imaging solutions. 

Projecting Superiority.  CTX Opto's Ezpro 610 Competes In The Shoot-Out 

The InfoComm Projection Shoot-Out offers a side-by-side comparison of more than 130projectors simultaneously displaying the same image. Consistently one of the top attractions at lnfocomm, the Projection Shoot-Out offers day-long projections in a city street design where attendees can stroll past projector-lined "streets' while comparing the most durable and high output units.  CTX Opto's entry in the Shoot-Out will be the EzPro 610 with its exceptionally clear 800 x 600 resolution and ultra-bright 600 ANSI lumens of output.  Attendees can stop by the Projection Shoot-Out to see for themselves how the EzPro 610 compares to others in the industry.  In addition, there will be software packages available at the Shoot-Out to illustrate what to look for and how to compare products. 

"We can't wait to take part in the Projection Shoot-Out here at InfoComm,' said Wilson Chan, managing director of CTX Opto.  "Our EzPro line of projectors have been very popular in the audio/visual industry, and this is the opportunity we've been waiting for to show our projectors in action in full view of the knowledgeable dealers and resellers in this field.' 

CTX Opto will be displaying its latest line of ultra portable LCD and DLP projectors including the EzPro 540, EzPro 585, and EzPro 610 at booth # 443.  The EzPro line of projectors from CTX Opto have long been a favorite of mobile professionals as'well as the audio/video, presentation and multimedia industries because of the company's expertise in LCD technology.  CTX Opto offers all three types of portable projector technologies, including single-panel, polysilicon and digital light processing (DLP), to deliver the flexibility and leading-edge technology to match the individual needs of the multimedia communications industries.  These lightweight projectors combine optics and light source into a complete, self-contained presentation solution that delivers crisp, clear messages for mobile professionals in all walks of life. 

CTX Opto To Sneak Preview Its Newest Lcd Monitors

CTX Opto will be sneak previewing its soon-to-be introduced PanoView line of LCD monitors at lnfocomm.  The PanoView line of LCD monitors provides unparalleled performance and flexibility to audio/visual professionals while providing industry-leading performance for both still and video images. LCD technology is becoming predominant in this industry because of its space-saving nature and its high quality display features.  The flagship member of the CTX Opto PanoView family is the new PanoView 880 which features an 18.1-inch viewable display while providing 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution.  Also highlighted will be the PanoView 751 with a 15.1-inch display and 1024 x 768 XGA resolution.  The PanoView line of LCD monitors produces low electromagnetic interference that allows the user to run monitors side-by-side to deliver rich, clear images.  CTX Opto can develop custom displays while creating an entire bank of monitors for any post-production facility that demands super high resolutions for detail critical applications.

About CTX Opto

CTX Opto was founded in 1991 to provide cutting-edge LCD products, which deliver crisp, clear, distortion-free images to consumers, OEMs and vertical markets.  Through the use of leading-edge technologies such as Digital Light Processing (DLP) and plasma displays, CTX Opto produces a full range of Advanced Display Products including LCD monitors and projectors.  The CTX Opto PanoView flat panel display is ideal for medical, financial, and industrial applications and for those individuals who desire the latest in leading-edge technology.  CTX Opto also manufactures the EzPro line of portable LCD projectors which provides a powerful, mobile presentation solution for use in meetings, seminars and classroom settings.  The company's advanced display platforms are sold extensively through retailers and distributors, as well as the OEM, VAR, industrial and manufacturing channels.


For more information, call 888/942-2929, or visit the CTX Opto Website at

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