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Press Release  |  Nov 1, 2006
CHICAGO, November 1, 2006 - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), an industry leader in IT, projectors and visual displays, and network solutions, is launching seven new innovative professional and residential products. NEC VT series digital projectors received advancements such as additional connectivity and more powerful speakers. The new 60-inch professional and home theater plasma displays provide enhanced digital processing, expanded connectivity and amazing flexibility for any viewing environment. "NEC is excited to ship these new products with robust, user-friendly features including greater connectivity, brighter images and upgraded audio," said Keith Yanke, senior product marketing manager, NEC Corporation of America, Visual Systems Division. "And even with all of these additional advancements, we were able to maintain our already competitive price."

VT Series Digital Projectors
The new NEC VT49, VT490 and VT590 digital projectors provide essential features, long lamp life and impressive image quality in an extremely affordable price. To make projecting and presenting seamless, the VT series incorporates easy to use features such as quick start up, plug and play setup and operation, versatile color-coded connections and Autosense™ which intuitively syncs the projector with computer signals. The NEC VT49 and VT490 SVGA projectors are $699* and $739 respectively and will begin shipping in December 2006. The VT590 XGA projector is priced at $859 and will be available in mid-November, 2006.

NEC is also introducing two enhanced performance projectors to the VT Series, the NEC VT595 and VT695. These projectors incorporate all of the above features, but they also have a powerful five-watt speaker loud enough for a large room, and a variable audio-out which enables the remote control to adjust the volume of self-powered external speakers that are connected to the projector. Also included in the VT595/695 are dual computer inputs, including one DVI-I, and automatic keystone correction. The NEC VT595 projector is $899 and available in December 2006. The VT695 is $999 and available in mid-November, 2006.

60XM5 Professional Plasma Display
The NEC 60XM5 PlasmaSync™ professional plasma display boasts an increase in contrast ratio greater than 350% over the previous model! The Crystal Clear Panel and Drive improves both brightness and contrast and also removes false contouring. The 60XM5 has a complete input panel including DVI with HDCP and wider signal support including 1080p and high resolution PC signals.

To allow easier control system setup this plasma is equipped with the new AMX Café Duet Protocol, enabling a plug and play system between the NEC plasma and the AMX controller. Other enhanced usability features added to the 60XM5 professional plasma include upgraded programmable timer with 10 separate timer functions, video wall capability including 1x5 and 5x1 matrixing and enhanced text ticker/insert function in both landscape and portrait mode. The NEC 60XM5 WideXGA plasma display is $7,999 and is shipping Nov. 8, 2006.

60XR5 Home Theater Plasma Display
The new NEC 60XR5 Showcase Series™ digital plasma display offers best in class image quality, with a completely new module displaying an increase in contrast greater than 350% over the previous model. Even with the increase in contrast and brightness, the 60XR5 boasts an environmentally friendly low power consumption of 440W due to its new power efficient design. The 60XR5's complete input panel includes HDMI with HDCP and greater signal support including 1080p and high resolution PC signals.

Other unique features added to the 60XR5 along with AMX Café Protocol, is enhanced picture in picture which allows two sources to be displayed on the screen at one time with multiple configurations and sizes available for both sources, and the highest number of built-in screensavers to protect your investment. Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) ISFccc certified calibration controls provide calibration settings for day and night viewing making sure your image is setup properly for all viewing conditions. The NEC 60XR5 WideXGA plasma display is $8,999 and is now shipping.

For more information on the above products, including specifications sheets, please visit:

NEC Corporation of America, Visual Systems Division (VSD) is a leading provider of professional grade plasmas and projectors in North America. Visual Systems is a division of NEC Corporation of America and is backed by NEC Corporation – a Global Fortune 100 company with over $41 billion in revenue and 154,000 employees worldwide. NEC's full line of digital projectors and plasma screens display crystal clear images every time. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-NEC-INFO.

About NEC Corporation of America
NEC Corporation of America is a leading technology provider of IT, network and visual display solutions. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, NEC Corporation of America is the North America subsidiary of NEC Corporation (NASDAQ: NIPNY). NEC Corporation of America delivers technology and professional services ranging from server and storage solutions, digital presentation and visual display systems to biometric identification, IP voice and data solutions, optical network and microwave radio communications. NEC Corporation of America serves carrier, SMB and large enterprise clients across multiple vertical industries. For more information, please visit

*All prices listed are Estimated Selling Price and actual price may vary.

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