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New Accolade(TM) Duet(TM) Projection Screen Meets Increasing Demand for Projector Use in Businesses and Homes

Press Release  |  Dec 4, 2006
LONG BEACH, Calif., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- For years, front projector manufacturers have been touting engineering breakthroughs that continuously expand the boundaries of projection use, while the evolution of projection screens has been perceived by many as generally unchanged. An innovative product called the Accolade(TM) DUET(TM) Ultra Portable Projection Screen is designed to change that perception by addressing the ever-increasing demand for front projectors with a portable screen for use at both work and home.

With two patents pending, the DUET screen features a unique design that enables it to expand horizontally (left and right rather than up and down) to either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. It can be used to project an image up to 80 inches in size (diagonal). The DUET screen can either hang on a wall using an included mounting bracket, or stand freely by placing it on an included retractable stand. The screen and stand can be set up together in less than 30 seconds and can be taken down and stored as a one-piece solution that is 42 inches in length. The DUET screen is also easy to transport.

"There simply are no projection screens in the industry today that offer the unique versatility and portability advantages you'll gain with the Accolade DUET," said Ernie Liang, product manager, Epson America, Inc. "The combination of its dual aspect ratios, single-handed screen deployment, wall mount and stand, and its overall efficiency in design are unprecedented. And, no matter what make or model of projector you currently use, whether it's for work, home entertainment or both, the Accolade DUET is engineered to help you maximize the viewing experience."

Analysts have forecasted a sharp increase in the portable front projector market over the next five years. The Accolade DUET projection screen is designed to serve both business and home front projection applications. Epson America is committed to continually optimizing the projection viewing experience from boardrooms to living rooms across the country and the versatile Accolade DUET is a natural evolution of its projection business leadership.

Priced at $249, the Accolade brand DUET Ultra Portable Projection Screen is now available and can be purchased through Epson's own retail site at The Accolade brand DUET screen will also be available for purchase at retail outlets across the country in early 2007. For more information about the DUET screen, including special offers and retail locations, visit Epson's Web site at

About Accolade
Accolade is a new brand developed and managed by Epson America, Inc. This brand represents a unique and innovative collection of products that enhance the use and versatility of front projectors in home entertainment and business applications. Accolade and DUET are trademarks of Epson America, Inc.

About Epson America, Inc.
Epson offers an extensive array of award-winning image capture and image output products for the consumer, business, photography, and graphic arts markets. The company is also a leading supplier of value-added point-of-sale (POS) printers and transaction terminals for the retail market. Founded in 1975, Epson America, Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality technology products that meet customer demands for increased functionality, compactness, systems integration and energy efficiency. Epson America, Inc. is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif.