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DreamVision : New Direct drive Light Amplifier (D-ILA(TM)) projector, the DreamBee

Press Release  |  Dec 21, 2006
Paris, France - January 2007 – DreamVision announces the introduction of a native 1080p (Full-HD) Home Theater projector, the DreamBee, into its wide range of high-end video products.

Come and discover it for the first time ever at the Hilton Hotel (room # 28115) during the coming CES show in Las Vegas, USA (8-11 January 2007).

DreamBee is a medium sized projector that completes the current high-end D-ILA(TM) projectors series. The suggested price of the DreamBee is 7799 USD.


Display technology
The DreamBee features three Full HD panels (1920x1080 pixels), one per color channel: green, red and blue. The innovative reflective liquid crystal panel is now processed into a 0,7 inches diagonal plate with a pixel pitch of 8.0ìm to match the most exigent HDTV resolution available and to achieve the unsurpassed industry contrast with breakthrough native ratio of 20,000:1.

The DreamBee reproduces without artifice the richest and deepest black level, whichever the movie, whichever the scene. Moreover, choice can be made between five different color presets, two of which being customizable.

Ease of operation
The DreamVision DreamBee projector has been specifically conceived to operate almost anywhere from the screen. Its light weight makes the projector easily transportable. The versatile, large horizontal and vertical optical shift, associated with the new cooling system reduce the DreamBee installation to a minimal space requirement. In addition to this ease-of-installation, the state-of-the-art French design (by Le Porcher) makes this model the ideal choice that would transform any room into a living theater.

The built-in video processor in enhanced by the Visual Excellence Processing (VXP(TM)) technologies.
• Reality Expansion(TM) 10-bit internal video scaler
• TruMotionHD(TM) de-interlacing methods (Inverse telecine processing, film mode detection)
• FineEdge(TM) multi-directional edge adaptive processing
• FidelityEngine(TM) noise reduction and image enhancements.

Basically in white colour, the DreamBee can be available in Black or Silver, or whatever the colour that you could imagine.

DreamBee Pro version
The DreamBee Pro bundle will please the most exigent home cinema aficionados with its external 10-bit high definition video processor, giving access to advanced video source managements and professional-grade adjustments such as VRS(TM) video processing, film grade de-interlacing methods, dedicated game modes. Thanks to the four extended Plug and Play HDMI inputs (among others) and the 12V screen trigger, the DreamBee Pro features a rich connectivity, enjoyable by the whole family.

Available from mid-February 2007