Optoma HD141X 1080P DLP Projector
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$1,099 MSRP Discontinued

Optoma's HD141X is a powerful little 1080p home theater projector that comes at a bargain price. Powerfully bright, the HD141X lacks the fancy features found in more expensive models, but image quality is good and the $599 price can't be beat. You can buy the Optoma HD141X on Amazon and at specialty projector resellers online.

Below, we list the most important advantages and limitations of the HD141X. The Optoma HD141X is almost identical to the Optoma HD26, but it has a black case instead of a white one. For a full review of the features and capabilities of both projectors, see our Optoma HD26 review.


Great picture. The HD141X produces a bright, detailed image with well-saturated colors and good contrast. Producing over 3,000 lumens in its brightest mode, the HD141X will light up your living room, but it can also put out over 1,000 lumens in Cinema mode for a more refined, elegant home theater picture.

Full HD 3D. The HD141X will work with almost any source of 3D, including Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. It uses DLP Link and is compatible with the widely-available and inexpensive 144 Hz DLP Link glasses. But it also has a VESA 3D sync port, so you can add aftermarket radio-frequency or infrared glasses and emitters if you desire.

Low cost of ownership. In addition to its bargain price, the HD141X has an inexpensive lamp with a long life. The $179 lamp (model SP.8VH01GC01) will last for 5,000 hours at full power or 6,000 hours in Eco mode. That makes it cheap to operate as well as own.

Great for gaming. Low input lag of 33 milliseconds makes the HD141X a good choice for gaming. At sixty frames per second, 33ms is only two frames. While that's not as good as it gets for projectors, it's awfully close.


Color adjustments. When adjusting white balance, the HD141X does not have separate controls for gain and bias on each color. That can make it difficult to really nail down a perfect grayscale, which is important for home theater.

Color light output. Despite producing over 3,000 lumens of white light, the HD141X tops out at just over 1,000 lumens of colored light. This can make highlights appear too bright and colors look dull or drab in some scenes, especially if using image modes other than Cinema.

Rainbow effect. The HD141X has a 2x-speed color wheel, so rainbows are a possibility with this projector. If you already know that you see rainbows on slow DLP color wheels, you should count on seeing them here.


At only $599, the Optoma HD141X represents an outstanding value in home theater projectors. It's a good starter projector due to its 3D capabilities and solid performance in Cinema mode. On the other hand, projectors with better color performance and fewer rainbows are available for not too much more money, so folks with room in the budget should consider their options carefully. But if you're just getting started in home theater or need a projector that will put a powerful image on the living room wall, the HD141X is a strong projector that will suit your needs.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Optoma HD141X projector page.