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I bought this from sears a couple of years ago. The bulb is between $2 and $3 hundred depending where you get it. It needs about a bulb a year. I purchased the extended warranty from sears. when I took it there to fix, they said that it was a sony warranty. so I sent it to sony. they said that it had a bad blue lcd screen. then they said that they had no record of my warrenty. I told them that I was holding the paperwork in my hand, read them the policy # and whatever els they wanted to know on the paperwork, and they said that they still have no record of the policy?????. they gave me a price to repair $1450.00???? I paid $1500.00 for it new. and when I got it back from sony it was really scratched up. I've seen comparable units on ebay for $300.00 with free shipping and a $20 replacement bulb. My first replacement bulb was $300 PLUS SHIPPING????

Needless to say I now have a $1500.00 POS, and next time the bulb goes I'm buying a new projector with a $20 bulb that has a 1000 more hour bulb life, 600 more ansi lumins, and a built in tv tuner with picture in picture, all for $299.00 and free shipping from ebay.