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I was waiting for an extremely long time for this to be released, I’m not exactly sure what the problem with BenQ or their suppliers was and why it took so long, but as soon as it was available I ordered it online. First impressions were fantastic; the W1000+ definitely lived up to its name and hype. I was expecting it to cost more, but the price was exactly the same as the W1000, even though there were improvements. Blu ray content takes you away, and when I compared it next to my HD20 I saw slight improvements in Blacks especially in darker movies. The high brightness also proves to be useful when viewing content such as cable or downloaded series via iTunes and what not. According to BenQ they added a 3x color wheel to this projector making it faster and making pictures have more visual deep and real penetration effects. Although the W1000+ is an extremely bright projector, it is perfect when switched onto cinema mode and eco-mode. If you are watching it during the day you may use a brighter mode to fight the surrounding light; however, even in a luminous surrounding the W1000+ still projected intense images without disturbance with minimal sign of washed out colors. I am extremely satisfied with the W1000+ and recommend it to all that have been considering it, it’s worth every penny.

I do have one concern. Not sure why BenQ felt the need to put an onboard speaker. It’s not very powerful. But that's not a big issue.

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