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An update to my previous post....

Ok, so I've still only got 110 hours on it - haven't used it THAT much but it's still going strong, looks great. The reason for this update is that I finally forked out the $$$$ to get the VGA cable for this thing, so here's the info those considering a similar purchase might like to know. (I live in Australia - I don't know if overseas models behave differently to what I describe here).

VGA is certainly the way the get the clearest picture, aside from the HDMI input (which I haven't got anything to try with yet). 85Hz is about the highest you can go with refresh rates and I THINK this is the same across the board with all resolutions (but even 60Hz doesn't look that bad - LCD doesn't have the same flickering problem of CRTs). My only beef is with the way this projector handles different resolutions.

1280x720 is the ONLY resolution this projector will actually display as 16:9. All other resolutions will be displayed as 4:3 with black bars at the sides. Even 848x480 (the native res) is displayed as a horizonatally squished 4:3 (the info page reports it as being 640x480). You do have adjustments to fine tune vertical and horizontal positions and how wide the picture is stretched, however if it's not 1280x720 you're still working in a 4:3 space so you can't use that to correct the ratio problem, and Wide Mode does NOT work with a VGA signal.

However, it's not hard to set your desktop to 1280x720 and watch DVDs, it's just games and other programs which do not support 1280x720 will not be able to utilise 16:9.

Aside from that I did watch some of those WMVHD clips from my computer in widescreen and was blown away! It just looked sensational! DVDs look really ordinary after watching high definition that's for sure.

Overall I still believe this projector was a very worthwhile purchase.

Epson LightScene EV-100
WXGA Conference Room Projector