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Personal Experience:
This was my first Projector. I bought it for ~340€. The Lamp Timer says it was only used for 165 hours (now 195 *g*, 4 days in use!). It came from a big Water Company and was only used for Presentations. My fortune! I plugged it in and... it made a very bright fine Picture. No Pixelerrors etc. Its a little noisy but if you turn on the Films Volume its okay. If you get the chance to get one for less money... take it!

I have noticed that there are some Problems with the Color. I dont know how it is called, maybe "colorshift"?.. I´ll try to explain it. Over and under every white picture/letter there is one green and one red line... ~1 dot large. Old CRT Monitors have had an Option to adjust that shift of Colors.. this Lcd as far as i know not! By watching Tv or DvD its not a problem.. but it makes the picture a little bit blurred.
If anyone has got an Idea how to fix the Problem.. please fell free to tell me:

Sony VPL-VW295ES
4K Home Theater Projector