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Personal Experience:
I got it two months ago and till now I spent 100 hours watching DVDs, sport events and playing PS2 games. I am very satisfied. The first time I turned it on WOW! ...I was staring at the image like an idiot and didn't want to turn it off. Short lens allow you to throw a 5m image placing the projector 4m behind. I had to reduce the distance in order to have a ~100 inches diagonal (I'm currently using a da-lite screen).
The image quality is surely great considering the price I paid for it (~1200 euro): good contrast (not excellent) and real colors. If you want to have better performances you should spend twice the money... I think this projector represents a very good compromise: it's cheap and provides you good quality images. If you want to enjoy cinema at home and do not want to spend a lot of money I strongly suggest this projector.

Note: you cannot replace tv with this projector unless you always watch tv in a dark environment.

Till now I had no problem. Just some remarks:
1) It is said to be 27 dB, but it's more... I mean: when you turn it on it's silent, but after one hour the noise is higher. Furthermore, do not even think to use it without lamp reduced power consumption: it becomes much more louder and it will be impossible to watch a quiet movie.
2) The pixelation effect is definitely visible, but surely it does not bother me as the rainbow effect of DLP projectors.
3) It's not possible to disable the short lens.

Anyway, I had to find a compromise between price and performancences: considering that this projector is coming for the price of a medium-high end CRT television (I paid 1200 euros in France) do not esitate it's worth your money!!!

Optoma CinemaX P2
4K Home Theater Projector