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To contradict the post above I would say the bulb cost is one of the best features of buying this projector. Since its a common projector bulbs are about $200 right now. I got one for $130. No idea of how many hours on it the idiot shipped it in UNPACKED box with NO stuffing around it, it was bouncing around like a tennis ball. This projector is $500 now!!! I bought it for $3,000 in year 2000. It projectors computer and home theator well, I use glass beaded screen very high gain 10' diagnol still looks pretty dam good. Though I am thinking its time for an upgrade would reccomend seriously to anyone making the leap to projector setup. I a have used it for demanding gaming applications and its done well never a problem with reliablity, put in possibly 3000 hours on this. Projecting dark images, with lots of black been a bit of a problem have had to turn up brightness and lose color. But what the heck right you can pick up what once was a $5,000 projector now for $500 enjoy. I am thinking of DLP now or more ANSI.

Quite loud, loud enough to have to buy a powerful home theator system 10" and 12" 6 point speakers just to drown it out. Ambient light is the enemy, not for daytime use. Some warping of the edges on extreme bottom using maximum throw distance. No much ability to project black.

Maxell MP-WU5603
WUXGA Conference Room Projector