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I looked all around for something that I could just set up in my small living room to be able to see my movie collects the way they are ment to be seen. I use projector central over and over agin to learn as much as I could. I learned that what I could live with was a small "screen door" effect of an LCD rather then the "rainbow" effect you get from DLP. I have seen both and the LCD is much sharper and a cleaner image and on this Sony you really have to look for it. I built my screen and its 56"Wx32"H. Its the perfect size for my small 12'x12' living room. I also hooked up my Xbox and its fantastic. Here are a few things that have made all the diiference. Component cables!!! if your not using component cables then don't bother. Sure the image will look big but it won't look great. I hooked both the DVD player and the Xbox to the projector via the component and I have never seen a picture so good before. The projector also has a HDMI hook up for pure digital picture which not much is ready for however it will be the wave of the future. I found mine for $530. This projector would be a steal at $800. I hear the later models from Sony in the line are of course better but take it from me (oh by the way I'm a professional photographer and independent film maker) that this projector has all you need for a moderate size projection.

Sony as always is particular about "their" cables and "their" everything. The projector did come with a 30 foot long SONY cord that gives you RCA, S-ViDEO, and COMPONENT hook ups. If you don't get this cable you are out of luck without having to buy a bunch of adapters to make the component hook ups. Make sure you get the cable Sony DOES NOT sell it after.
Than you all for your reviews and help.

ViewSonic PX800HD
1080P Home Theater Projector