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Personal Experience:
I came from the LCD Hitachi PJ-10TX which I also gave a review of. With the DV-10 there is no noticable screendoor effect (on comparison there was very slightly with the Hitachi). Also I have not experienced "rainbows", and have not noted any "smell". Superb picture quality, and the internal speakers were quite impressive as well (though lack low end bass - hence for optimum results you really need a sub woofer).

You need to keep in mind that the aim of this projector is portability. Other posts mention it being ceiling mounted, trying to get multiple connections in at once, etc. It's missing the whole point. The Hitachi didn't come in a carry bag, with a build in DVD player, or with build in speakers, and yet the Optoma does, doesn't that tell you something?

As I undertake short term contract work this projector (and the portable screen I have - 80" 16:9, matt white, gain 1.2) is a blessing! No more going for months without movies in remote locations, as I now take my "home" theatre with me!

It's a pity there aren't more projectors to fill this market niche, but atleast the one there is is an outstanding unit!

However if you want, or can accomodate, a fixed installation there are plenty of other projectors to look at that will perhaps better suit your needs (re connectivity etc)

It doesn't appear that you can turn the internal speakers off without pulling the unit apart to disconnect them manually.

I think all AV equipment should come with a backlit remote, though the lack of one is certainly not unique to this projector.

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