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Opinion of Frank Drebin - Jan 31, 2003

NEC HT1000 Projector
XGA (1024x768), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
7.1 lbs, $4,495 (MSRP)
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by Frank Drebin - Jan 31, 2003
Image Quality 5.0
Features 5.0
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 4.0
Value for Money 5.0

Personal Experience
I bought this projector solely on the strength of its reviews on Projector Central. The only projectors I compared it with were a couple Sony LCD's at the local high-end A/V store, where the prices were obscene. I got this projetor from Leonard Eckian of Rainbow Visions for $4200.00, who I located from the Projector Central website. The picture is better than I'd hoped it would be. The blacks are very black, and the colors are vibrant. I'm currently shooting the picture onto a wall painted "ceiling white" until I decide what screen size I want to use. I have the projector set up in my basement, which has a rather low ceiling. I wish there was no lens offset, because I can't get the picture as high as I'd like to on the wall. As a result, I have to tilt the projector up about 5-10 degrees, and have to use the 3-D reform to square up the picture. If my ceiling were a couple feet higher, this wouldn't be an issue, but even so, I can live with the results of the 3-D reform. Ther are various options for picture "shaping" that aren't even explained in the usual HT-1000 reviews that come in handy. I currently use my PC as my DVD player with Windvd. I hooked up from a VGA splitter to the projector so I could use my computer's monitor and my projector at the same time, using the projector's RGB input and a 25 foot computer monitor extension cable. I use the econo bulb mode and the iris stopped all the way down and the lens "zoomed" to maximum size with excellent results in my totally darkened basement. My picture size is about 110 inches and I sit about 12 feet away with no screen door visible with a movie playing. No rainbows either. I also got an excellent picture from my older Sony DVD (non progressive scan). I play fighter plane shootem up games all the time through the projector, and the picture is great. Coupled with a Dolby Digital receiver connected to my sound card via digital coax cable, it makes for a lot of fun. My wife, however, doesn't think so when the whole house is shaking because of my JBL subwoofer. My next step is to play around with Powerstrip software to see how I can use that with the HT1000. Currently, I usually watch DVD movies with the projector set up to shoot onto a 16X( screen, and I either watch in "full" mode or "zoom" mode. The controls on the HT100's remote are very user friendly, and very easy to learn. I haven't used any of the controls on the projector itself, except for focus, zoom and iris. Everything can be done with the remote. I would highly reccommend this projector.

Right after I got the projector, I mounted it with a chief mount. I hooked up the rgb cable and it worked. The next day, it didn't. All I got with my rgb source was a blue screen and the notation "out of range" on the screen. The first guy I called at NEC support was no help. I called again, and talked to someone else, and he seemed to think it was because my cable was too long, even though it worked fine the day before. He finally gave me a list of authorized service centers, one of which was in the city in which I work. I took it in monday, and got it back thursday. The culprit was a bridge on the rgb input that had to be resoldered. Now it works fine again, and I was satisfied with NEC's support. Although I would suggest they put a phone number for support in the user's manual, or at least in a supplement. I had to find the number at NEC's website, and it wasn't too easy.

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