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Opinion of Jmschnur - Mar 18, 2003

NEC HT1000 Projector
XGA (1024x768), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
7.1 lbs, $4,495 (MSRP)
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by Jmschnur - Mar 18, 2003
Image Quality 5.0
Features 5.0
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 5.0
Value for Money 5.0
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Personal Experience
I set this up on a table behind my couch. I used a Dalite Instatheater 80 inch diagonal screen about 9 feet away. Initial images from an HTPC were very good fro DVDs (TT) and HDTV (MyHD). I then calibrated with Colorfacts. This gave me 6500 degrees =/- 50 from 20-90 IRE (range of sensor) and a working contrast of about 1000-1500 :1. Yellows were now superb and HDTV looks very nice indeed.
I thought the offset angle would be a problem but it was not. I used 2 dvds to raise the rear up and then 3D reform to get perfect geometry in DisplayMate.
Using eco mode I do not hear any fan noise from my sitting position.
Blanking feature is very useful for 16x9 DVDs but not required since the blacks are quite good when contrast and brightness are properly set.

Light control is required for best viewing.

I have only used RGB input from an HTPC so far so I can not commnet on component or S-VHS source material.

None so far after 150 hours of viewing.

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