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Opinion of Venue Operator - Apr 5, 2013

Sanyo PLC-XP200L Projector
XGA (1024x768), 7000 ANSI Lumens,
25.1 lbs, $9,995 (MSRP)
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by Venue Operator - Apr 5, 2013
Image Quality 2.0
Features 5.0
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 4.0
Reliability 2.0
Value for Money 4.0

Personal Experience
We have owned this projector for over four years. The price was great and the projector has never failed to run. The best part of this projector is the pj net adaptor which provides real time data and allows remote management of the projector.

However this projector suffers from two problems. The first is the unfortunate tendency for dust to accumulate on the LCD panels. We noticed within 2 months of running the projector that the image started turning purple. When we inquired with Sanyo they blamed the conditions at our facility. We sent it in for cleaning, but the problem returned immediately. I built a dust box with two computer fans for ventilation and use high quality heater filters for intake air and replace them monthly. The condition has improved greatly and the projector actually runs cooler in the box. However it still suffers from dust accumulation and I have sent the projector in every year for cleaning, but last year Sanyo switched locations for repairs and sat on the projector for several days. I called two different locations and talked to three different people before they would even look at it. They seemed confused. I explained that the projector was vital to our business, but I'm not sure if they cared. This was after I spent $350 for overnight shipping. Their costs also increased for cleaning and return shipping so significantly that it just doesn't make sense to use Sanyo's services anymore.

I don't know whether to classify this problem as a reliability issue or a matter of poor image quality or perhaps both. It might even be considered poor construction.

The other problem is motion blur which I guess is common on LCD displays. Most people don't notice it until I point it out, but I have yet to identify a solution for improving the condition on this projector and frankly the manual isn't any help.

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