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Opinion of Nathan - Jun 19, 2003

Panasonic PT-L200U Projector
WVGA (858x484), 700 ANSI Lumens,
6.4 lbs, $1,999 (MSRP)
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by Nathan - Jun 19, 2003
Image Quality 5.0
Features 5.0
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 5.0
Value for Money 5.0

Personal Experience
This projector is a phenomonal bargain for the money. I have the projector set up on a freshly painted white section of a wall, making a 90" diagonal 16:9 image. After calibration, the picture is bright and vibrant, with saturated colors. Even with a little bit of ambient light, the picture remains clear. It could be used to make a larger image, but I preferred to maintain brightness and a lack of pixelation. There is no "screen-door" effect due to the screen size and a slight nudge of the focus to soften the edges. There are no dead pixels to be seen anywhere. This projector is ideal for "pixel-perfect" viewing of DVD movies and video games. The video is very clean particularly when using component video with a progressive scan DVD player. This was a good purchase, and a bargain considering it makes a beautiful 7.5' image for twice the price of a 32" TV. Buy it for $1100 at B&H Photo-Video.

There is a very faint dust bleb that appears as a greenish ghost, and can only be seen when the screen is completely black. It disappears when there is video playing, and it should disappear permanently when I clean the dust off the LCD.

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