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Opinion of Kelly - Jan 15, 2006

NEC LT75z Projector
SVGA (800x600), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
3.3 lbs, $2,595 (MSRP)
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by Kelly - Jan 15, 2006
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.0
Construction 3.0
Ease of Use 2.0
Reliability 3.0
Value for Money 4.0

Personal Experience
I have owned this projector for a few years now. The lack of an air filter allows dust to enter it, and allows it to be seen in the image. This requires the unit to be disassembled and blown-out. Also, I am controlling it through the serial port. Contrary to what the owner's manual states, there are no codes available for control other than the ones listed in the book. Only basic functions (power, input selection) are available. There are several listed in the complete protocol manual, but none work. Also, the aspect ratio function (not accessible through serial) is buried several layers deep in the menu. This is something that even the novice user will need to adjust if using DVD or HDTV with this unit. I feel that this function should either be accessible with a button on the remote, or at least be no deeper than one layer in the menu.

Lack of RS232 protocol for control, dust entering imaging device, unit has to be rebooted sometimes, or it won't power up.