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Rob Sabin

Rob Sabin has been the editor-in-chief of since September 2018. Before that, he served for seven years as editor-in-chief of Home Theater and Sound & Vision magazines, and oversaw the merging of those magazines and websites under the Sound & Vision banner in 2013. He is a CEDIA-trained custom electronics integrator, is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation for television and projector calibration, and serves on the CEDIA-CTA volunteer group developing video-related industry best-practice documents for installers. When he's not busy developing insights and reviews for ProjectorCentral's audience, you can find him happiest curled up on the couch in his home theater, sneaking in a bit of yoga, or hiking the woods and mountains of upstate New York.

  • The Flat-Panel Threat and Why Projection Will Endure

    The arrival of cheap, 100-inch TVs represents a watershed moment for the projector industry and may challenge some segments of the business, but it's not the end of the world as we know it.

  • Why You Shouldn't Buy a Crowdfunded Projector

    Crowdfund campaigns for new home theater and lifestyle projectors are on the rise. But be wary: the bargain pricing may blind you to the the dangers ahead.

  • It Takes a Village: Sponsors Step Up as Countdown Continues for 2022 Laser TV Showdown

    Several manufacturers have stepped up to provide critical equipment for the 2022 Laser TV Showdown being hosted by ProjectorCentral and Here's what we're using, why.

  • Expo Panel Experts Answer the Big Question: How're We Doin'?

    Next week's Projection Expo panel discussion will see three experts from Sharp NEC, Sony and ViewSonic sharing their views on the state of the industry.

  • What's In Store at Projection Expo 2021?

    Projection Expo 2021 is set to run June 15-17 and promises a showcase for new products, engaging panel discussions, and more. Here's why you should register today for your free badge.

  • Laser vs. LED: What Does the Future Hold?

    Laser projection is leading the solid-state revolution, but manufacturers are slowly advancing the capabilities of LED.

  • Are You Coming to Projection Expo 2020? Here's Why You Should...

    Projection Expo 2020, a virtual projection trade show set to begin June 15th, will put a ton of new product information at your fingertips without you having to walk a step.

  • Integrators, Show Us Your Stuff!

    Nothing better demonstrates the power of projection than seeing today's high-tech products and screens entertaining audiences, serving customers, and solving problems in the home and out in the field. If you're ready to share your best projects with the industry and ProjectorCentral's business and home theater-enthusiast readership, here's your chance.

  • CES 2019: The "Ultra-Short" Show

    The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up on Friday, and if there was a single resounding theme for projectors it was that the ultra-short throws are about to hit the living room—big time.

  • Reviews & Features Update: 12/6

    It's a good time of the year for hot new home theater projectors, not to mention new commercial models, and we've got some in the works and some on the way.

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