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Have you noticed anything different about We recently moved to a new smartphone- and tablet-friendly platform. Most of the alterations are subtle and designed to make our website easier to read and navigate. Among the changes are larger and more widely spaced type on our homepage and elsewhere to improve legibility on small screens.

Mobile devices also have their own dedicated navigation now, including a revised nav bar at the top, and a slide-out, scrolling, full-site menu. It's easily activated by tapping the triple-bar symbol at the upper left of any page. A second tap on the triple-bar or anywhere on the page hides it again.

Another advancement is a new version of our popular Projection Calculator that works on browsers for all the common mobile and desktop operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Our prior iteration couldn't run on iOS devices due to Apple's restrictions on Adobe Flash, which was a troublesome annoyance for installers seeking our help out in the field. Now the calculator can be accessed at any time, anywhere, from any device.

We're always working to improve the user experience at ProjectorCentral. If you've got feedback on this new version you'd like to share or wish to report a problem, you can post a comment below or go to the Site Feedback form.

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