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ProjectorCentral editor-in-chief Rob Sabin shares insights on the latest front projection trends, technologies, and products.

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Posts by author Rob Sabin:

Integrators, Show Us Your Stuff!

Nothing better demonstrates the power of projection than seeing today's high-tech products and screens entertaining audiences, serving customers, and solving problems in the home and out in the field. If you're ready to share your best projects with the industry and ProjectorCentral's business and home theater-enthusiast readership, here's your chance.

CES 2019: The "Ultra-Short" Show

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up on Friday, and if there was a single resounding theme for projectors it was that the ultra-short throws are about to hit the living room—big time.

Reviews & Features Update: 12/6

It's a good time of the year for hot new home theater projectors, not to mention new commercial models, and we've got some in the works and some on the way. Plus, we're planning some informative and helpful tech features. Here's a bit of what you'll see in our coverage in the coming weeks.

ProjectorCentral Month in Review: November 2018

In case you missed some of it, here's a summary of the recent highlights from

What's the Best Bargain Today In a 4K Home Theater Projector?

A 34% price drop on JVC's DLA-X790 makes it a BIG deal...while it lasts.

My Friend Iris

Buying a budget 4K projector means picking the right trade-offs...for you.

2018 Value Electronics TV Shootout: An Exercise In Image Quality

The TVs amazed me at the 2018 Value Electronics Shootout...but I'll still keep my projector. Goes Mobile

Here's what's new in our updated, smartphone- and tablet-friendly platform.

Meet the Editor

Introducing ProjectorCentral's new editor-in-chief.

Show Report: 4K...and 8K...For All at 2018 CEDIA Expo

It was pixels galore at the 2018 CEDIA Expo in San Diego as manufacturers introduced new 4K and even the first 8K projectors for the consumer market. Click here for all the highlights.