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InFocus IN72 Projector InFocus IN72
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
900 Lumens
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InFocus Play Big IN72
480p DLP Projector

Bill Livolsi, June 28, 2006

General Impressions/Feature set

The InFocus Play Big IN72 is a very distinctive projector, clad in sleek black casework that makes it immediately and easily distinguishable from the SP-4805. Rather than sitting on adjustable feet, the IN72 incorporates a swivel stand that makes table mounting almost too easy. For ceiling mounting, the swivel base is removable, which allows attachment of a standard ceiling mount.

The traditional zoom and focus knobs have been replaced by dials on top of the projector, with zoom on the outside and focus on the inside. While this placement is nonstandard, it is easy to manipulate without putting your hands in the way of the projected image.

The IN72 has a 1.2x manual zoom range, which allows for some minimal placement flexibility, and enough zoom range to allow for minor image size adjustments to accommodate a given screen size. There is no lens shift capability, and the projector has a built-in 20% upward throw angle. That will be good for a lot of coffee table or ceiling mount installations, but if you want to place the IN72 on a rear shelf, the projector would have to be tilted downwards to compensate for the throw angle. The IN72's swivel base can make this easy, but keystone correction will be necessary. While it is never an ideal solution, keystone correction on the IN72 is clean enough to use modestly without much of a loss in picture quality. Also note that the IN72's connection panel is in the rear. Given the size of the projector and the rear clearance needed for the cables, a shelf that is at least 18" deep will be preferable.

Visible pixelation can be a concern with lower resolution projectors. However, on the IN72, visible pixelation in white text and subtitles is no longer visible when sitting farther than 1.6x the screen width from your screen. With regular video material, that distance drops to 1.25x. This is noteworthy, as most 480p projectors have visible pixelation out to 2x the screen width or beyond.

The IN72's menu system is simple and hierarchical, utilizing the same menu system as many other InFocus projectors. Options are clear and easy to find, which can help to minimize the learning curve. The remote is elegant, with a convenient backlight trigger on its underside. Direct access buttons control the menu system and the projector's various sources, as well as aspect ratio.

Fan noise is low, and the IN72 is much quieter than the SP-4805. In eco-mode, fan noise is low enough that the projector could sit mere feet from the audience and not become a distraction.

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