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InFocus IN72 Projector InFocus IN72
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
900 Lumens
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InFocus Play Big IN72
480p DLP Projector

Bill Livolsi, June 28, 2006


Many home theater projectors rated at 900 ANSI lumens actually deliver about 300-400 ANSI lumens once calibrated for best video performance. The IN72 delivered a much brighter picture than this. Our test unit measured 625 ANSI lumens in high lamp mode and 478 ANSI lumens in low lamp mode. This is a considerable amount of light, plenty to easily illuminate a 120" diagonal screen and beyond.

Rated at 2000:1 contrast, the IN72 performs elegantly with dark material. Shadow detail is clearly differentiated and easy to make out, even in very low light scenes. Black level is pleasantly deep, and the grayscale rarely crushes, though 0 IRE and 10 IRE tend to blend together without careful calibration.

Color on the IN72 is good. Colors are rich, with saturation on our test unit set at a well-balanced level out of the box. One notable quality is the lack of red push, which means that bright red areas never appear oversaturated.

The IN72 yielded the best grayscale curve when displaying a 480i signal with the projector set to 7500K. While 6500K is theoretically ideal, the 6500K setting on the IN72 does not actually deliver 6500K--the curve averages closer to 6000K and is slightly too warm. Meanwhile, the precalibrated "7500K" actually averages out closer to 6500K, and the setting yields a more natural color balance. In general, we found the gamma curve when using interlaced video to be flatter than when using 480p. While many people in the NTSC world feed their projectors 480p out of habit and conventional wisdom, the IN72 offers its peak performance using 480i.

We did encounter one issue with interlaced video. Brightness needs to be boosted significantly to give good shadow detail. While out-of-the-box settings were good for 480p component as well as HDMI sources, 480i component needs adjusting. However, after adjustment, the IN72 looks superb with 480i signals. The IN72's deinterlacing was clean and artifact-free, and deinterlacing quality rivaled that of our Faroudja-equipped DVD player.

Scaling of high definition material was clean, however it looks almost exactly like standard definition on this projector. On other 480p projectors, 1080i and 720p sources look quite a bit better than native 480-line material, due to increased information in the signal. On the IN72, it merely looks as good, but not better than standard definition content.

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