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Playskool ShowCam: The Little Camera that Could...Project!

Laura Clinton, December 13, 2013

According to my kids, the "silly" button is a highlight of the camera. Before taking a picture, your kiddo can simply push the button and scroll through a range of stamps and silly scenarios. These options show up on the LCD screen so you can line up said images on your subjects' faces. I can't tell you how many times my boys gave me a mustache or a pig nose. The camera also has several built-in animations. For example, my son took a headshot of me, which was used as the face of an animated chicken. When played back, I laid an egg, which hatched into a baby chick with my son's face. After perfecting their pictures, they were able to simply press down on the projector lever and show off their creative masterpieces. Taking photos with the camera requires a bright environment; however, when using the projector, an extremely dark room is best.

After several rounds of trial and error, I found that the best viewing experience was at 24 inches diagonal. In order to achieve this, I set up the ShowCam roughly three feet from the wall. The picture remained grainy, but I was able to adjust the focus ring to get the best image possible with it. The projected slideshow was actually entertaining. It had ooh's, ahh's, and the occasional barnyard animal sound. (Don't worry; you have the option of turning off the sound effects.) Although you are able to download the pictures onto your computer, the projected slideshow is a true game changer for kiddos. It was fun to watch the sense of pride my boys took when showing off what they created, without any help from me.

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Rich Posted Dec 30, 2013 5:39 PM PST
Great Article made me laugh several times out loud, I wish my one year old was older just so I could buy it for her. Thank you for the laughs and the information.

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