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Allan Abbott — Jul 31, 2018
Our Review
 Specs    $800  
Portable 2.2 lb Home Theater Projector 30,000 hours LED engine ... only $549.99
M. David Stone — Nov 3, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $1,849  
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NOW SHIPPING: Very low price 4700 and 5500 lumen classroom and boardroom installation projectors
ViewSonic PS750HD
Evan Powell — Oct 26, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $1,799  
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An Interactive, Full HD 1080p classroom projector, Ultra Short Throw up to 120" diagonal with Laser Curtain technology for only $1500...
Optoma 4K500
Allan Abbott — Aug 31, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $5,799  
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4K UHD, 5000 lm installation projector at very low price
ViewSonic PS750W
Allan Abbott — Aug 28, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $1,499  
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New Interactive Classroom Projector UltraShort Throw, Finger or Pen Annotation under $1500
Epson Home Cinema 2150
Allan Abbott — Aug 22, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $850  
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Epson's latest home theater projector: Epson Home Cinema 2150 ($899)
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