This is for Audio/Visual professionals.

The Projection Summit, now in its third year, is an annual event at INFOCOMM and brings together manufacturers, dealers, consultants, researchers and analysts to review the state of the industry and the future of the market. It is a rare opportunity for a multi-dimensional look at the industry through the eyes of those that live and breath it for a living. It will open your eyes to the problems and the opportunities that will present themselves immediately and in the coming years.

The Projection Summit is organized by Insight Media and McLaughlin Consulting Group in cooperation with INFOCOMM. At the conclusion of this year's Summit, Insight Media compiled the 50 PowerPoint presentations that were delivered during the Summit sessions including speaker bios and attendee list onto a CD they call the Proceedings. They also did a 65 page PDF Summary of the Summit that includes the key points and the questions and answers from the sessions.

The sessions were delivered over two days and covered everything from potential supply shortages, such as lamp reflectors, to cross-over projectors and big screen competition, and includes market forecasts of the industry's researchers and analysts. The agenda included:


»  Illumination Systems
»  Electronics
»  Component Supply
»  System Integrator Supply
»  New Technologies
»  The LCOS Challenge


»  Digital Signage
»  IT/AV Convergence
»  The Opportunity in Education
»  Vertical Markets Review
»  Crossover Projection
»  Big-Screen Display Competition

If your livelihood is the audio/visual industry, then the Projection Summit Summary and Proceedings are your roadmap to your future. They will give you an insight into supply constraints, emerging technologies, market dynamics, and new business opportunities. This is good stuff. It's a reality check that brings good news and bad. Some of it you may not want to hear, some of it you might not agree with, but all of it will affect your business in some way.

Insight Media has agreed to offer a 10% discount to ProjectorCentral users and the offer is good for a limited time. This is the closest thing we have to a crystal ball. Check it out! It's worth the investment.