Fredrikstad, Norway, 7 October 2008 - Spanish television network Antena 3 is using two color matched F30 sx+ projectors from projectiondesign to display computer graphics on the set backdrops system of their daytime game show, La Ruleta de la Suerte (Wheel of Fortune). The show, popular around the world and now in the second year of its revived Spanish version, gives away to its winners cash, cars and even luxury apartments. The programme reaches several million viewers in Spain, with some 30% of the ratings share in its midday time frame.

Each of the F30 sx+ projectors manages just half of a computer graphics grid of typical game show squares. The total screen size is 3.6 and 1.4 metres high. The screens were designed and provided by IMAGIC VISION, starting with their first screen for the weather on Spain's Channel 4 News almost two years ago, IMAGIC VISION have now installed close to 33 of their systems in numerous television studios across Spain & Portugal such us TVE1, La2, Antena 3, TV3, Telemurcia and RTP among others.

Commenting on the projectors' performance, Joseph B. Lede, IMAGIC VISION's production director, said: "the high quality of the graphics with these projectors has a distinctly film-like look. To integrate the projectors with the stations equipment we are using an outboard vertical edge blending mixer that mixes incoming HDSDI signals and the results have been excellent."

Mercedes Sainz, Sales Manager for Spain & Portugal at projectiondesign said the F30 sx+ was ideally suited to this kind of high-end installation: "The F30 sx+ DLP® projectors have been developed to meet the demands of graphically challenging situations. The added advantage of a VizSim colour wheel as well as easy and accurate selection of colour temperature using RealColor are vital in critical broadcast environments. The F30 sx+ features SXGA+ resolution at 1400 x 1050 pixels and gives brilliantly detailed imaging, perfect for this type of broadcast application."

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our projectiondesign F30 SX+ projector page.