SF Bio Selects DLP Projectors From projectiondesign For Digital Advertising Network

SF Bio has selected HDTV capable projectors including the cineo3+ 1080 HD model from projectiondesign to equip over 400 screens in 210 cinemas across Sweden. The investment replaces the use of 35mm projection and the system will be fully operational in early 2007.

Each projector is integrated within a sophisticated control, management and playback network system from Irish system supplier Unique Digital Ltd. Jonas Dahllof from Upscale Management, was the external consultant to SF Bio on the project.

SF Bio is owned by Bonnier AB and is Sweden's leading cinema chain with 210 screens in 21 locations in the whole of Sweden. SF Media which forms a division of SF Bio conducts commercial screenings in over 235 cinemas (585 screens).

Pre-show advertising material, screenings, previews and general media content will be screened in each of the cinemas. Each advertising campaign is booked from a central location and distributed in true high definition picture format (1920 x 1080) over an advanced broadband platform alongside digital 5.1 sound.

"SF Bio meticulously evaluated the projectiondesign projectors for our cinemas, a process that took 6 months. We found that projectiondesign was the perfect solution in terms of performance, adaptability, warranty, long-lasting lamps, technical support and image quality." explains David Bonnier CEO at SF Media. "Cinema is a powerful medium for advertising and moving to digital enables a broader group of advertisers to explore the ecinema media."

Excited by the imminent completion of this project, Espen Olsen, Sales Manager for the Nordic and Baltic Regions comments, "I am extremely proud of the contribution that projectiondesign are making to ecinema and Swedish digital advertising. It clearly proves our ability to develop cutting-edge e-cinema projectors that reflects our growing worldwide reputation in delivering competitive HD projection solutions."

The Cineo3+ 1080p projector used in this project is shortlisted in the Most InAVative Display Product for Commercial Use category in the Technology InAVation Awards 2007.

About projectiondesign
projectiondesign as is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high performance projectors for professional, business and consumer applications. High resolution simulation and visualization, medical imaging, e-cinema and public displays are its core markets. The projectiondesign professional product range is warranted for 24/7 usage, and the home entertainment range is highly regarded throughout the world. projectiondesign has offices in Fredrikstad (Norway), Gothenburg, Singapore, Milano, Stuttgart, Bombay, Bilbao, Cape Town, London and New York.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our projectiondesign cineo3+ 1080 projector page.