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Great Value Among Hi Res DLP

The review of the BenQ PE8700 has just been posted. If you are looking for great value among high resolution DLP products, this is a beauty. We are adding it to the Highly Recommended list.

We've had a number of requests for comment on the Mitsubishi HC2 Colorview. After seeing it I understand why. That unit produces remarkably good video for a standard SVGA LCD product. We will get that review posted by Friday.

We've gotten a bit backlogged on emails lately. We value your comments and suggestions immensely, so don't hesitate to write anytime with your feedback and questions. I am particularly interested in ideas you might have that would help us improve the service or value of the site. I personally see the email that comes in on, and respond to as much of it as I can.

However, at the same time we don't have the resources to help everyone with individual equipment decisions or home theater plans. So we usually can't respond to requests for assistance of this type. Your understanding is kindly appreciated.

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