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New Consulting Service

Just to give you and update on our activities, we are working full time on the screen review at the moment. Included in the review are a total of twelve screen products from six vendors. The vendors are Stewart Filmscreen, Draper, Da-lite, Vutec, Carada, and Goo Systems. We have a sample of a white and a high contrast gray product from each of them.

We are conducting not only technical measurements on each of these products, but we are doing side-by-side viewings with both high contrast and moderate contrast projectors, in various lighting conditions and with various types of image material. The purpose is to collect enough data and viewing experience to answer the two most pressing questions that our readers have... "which screen is best for my projector and room?" and "are the more costly products worth the incremental expense?" My goal is to complete this review and post it within two weeks at the latest.

New consulting service. We get a lot of email asking for personal assistance with equipment selection. Due to the volume we simply cannot respond to everyone's needs. However, once the screen review is completed, we will begin to offer a new consulting service, initially for home theater buyers. If you want personal assistance in planning your home theater, I will offer consulting in the format of a 15-minute personal telephone conversation with you. The fee will be $75. I will begin scheduling these conferences after the screen review is completed, or within about two weeks. If you are interested in signing up, please drop me an email indicating your interest to

Thank you for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell

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