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Working Overtime To Provide Information

Due to being swamped in the aftermath of the CEDIA trade show, I've not updated this page in two weeks. However, as you've seen on the home page, the CEDIA show was full of exciting new developments in the world of home theater projectors. In case you missed our write-up on it, the CEDIA show review is here.

Panasonic's highly anticipated PT-AX100U has turned out to be even more impressive than we had anticipated. We've put it through its paces since arriving back from CEDIA, and the review is now posted. I cannot recall the last time we gave a projector a full 5-Star rating across the board, but we simply had no choice on this one. Panasonic's marketing and engineering folks collaborated to produce a stunning next generation projector to replace last year's PT-AE900. We expect it to be one of the truly hot sellers of the fall season.

Meanwhile, as reported just prior to the opening of the CEDIA show, Optoma has taken 720p DLP below the $1,000 price point with the new entry level HD70. Our review of the HD70 is posted here.

We have two more new home theater projectors currently under review, with several more models scheduled to arrive shortly. We expect this to be a busier than usual review season, and we will be working overtime to get as much information to you as soon as we can.

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